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The Alaskan Thunder Fuck, also known as “ATF,” is a sativa dominant strain. It is immensely popular for a high which is quite different from anything you may have already encountered before. The strain can be smoked in the morning or in the day due to its uplifting characteristics

BUY Alaskan Thunder Fuck

The buds look like crystals with spots of orange hairs and could not be whiter than it actually looks. As for the smell, it is a combination of catpiss and a very strong skunk. But it does have a very diesel scent to it that cannot be ignored.

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When it comes to smoking this strain, you could not imagine anything better. It has a very strong banana and orange taste, which will leave a spicy aftertaste in your mouth for hours. It is not only the best strains to know about, but it is renowned for giving an immediate high.

420 weed Tom Price order medical weed Wyndham buy legal weed online cheap Australiatrusted marijuana Australia Buy Alaskan-Thunder Fuck  Australia

It will make you feel a bit more talkative and creative at times. But the Alaskan Thunder Fuck is far better at treating numerous medical conditions through its cerebral high. It is excellent for pain relief and for those individuals suffering from anorexia. Apart from giving you the munchies, it will do wonders for you if you are suffering from depression or stress.

420 weed Tom Price order medical weed Wyndham buy legal weed online cheap Australiatrusted marijuana Australia  Buy Alaskan-Thunder Fuck  Australia



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23 reviews for Alaskan Thunder Fuck

  1. Declan

    🚀..O.PEN 500 VAPE: A very Atypical Sativa!..I feel many medicinal indica effects and benefits within this strain(?!).. Perfect for VAPING from dawn ’till dusk!.. Motivates my lazyass. Sooo Mellow-Chill-Relaxing-Up- Ethereal-Elevating-Kind-Happy-Silly-Giggly-Fun. Blasts my f’n Pain and Anxiety associated with Chronic Pain and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Dials back PTSD and sends the Arthritis to the dug-out! ⚾..Feeling Artistic and Creative, I’m excited and enthusiastic about this Beautiful Day😍…HighLy recommend to All my CaanaFriends!!!

  2. Nancy

    After one hit I was high. After two I was stoned, but when the bowl was gone, so was I.need more

  3. Kayden

    ATF is another go-to sativa that will always have a special place my stash box. In the past, I was prescribed various pharmaceutical anti-depressants for chronic depression, but the side effects were horrible. One made me gain way too much weight, one made me flat, unresponsive and nearly catatonic, and the last one I was prescribed actually made the depression much much worse. Big Pharma is in my past, and cannabis is my present and future. Now I medicate naturally: 2 bowls of beautiful sativa flower and an hour of exercise every morning has me in the healthiest place mentally and physically that I’ve ever been in. ATF is an energetic, sativa that puts a smile on my face and kicks depression’s ass. And true to its name, it can help to get my mind and body to a romantic state. I always get some when its available at my favorite shops. Thanks

  4. Damian

    This strain’s name pretty much sums up it affect. I decided to wait a few minutes before commenting and things only got worse. Forgot to breathe (don’t you hate when that happens! 🙂 Not a strain to go out in public. This is a strain to listen to Phillip Glass or Electronic Trance. The aroma is what we in the wine world would call ‘forest floor’. Reminds me of moss, then a hint of spice . Very unique! This is surprisingly ‘up’ now that the wave of ‘holy crap!’ is over. Great for depression (What depression?), creativity and probably many other things. Could very well bring on paranoia. (what the hell was that outside just now..?) One unique characteristic is that there is nothing at all ‘fruity’ or sweet. It is savory, like Christmas stuffing. 😍😍

  5. Carson

    The following speaks to soil growers only, hydro is not my thing. It is also important to remember that the ATF I am describing here is not Sagarmartha’s imitation strain, but the real deal which has been grown since the seventies and maintained by many different heads and groups in and around Northern California for the past several decades:

    Very high yielding strain which produces chunky, airy nugs whos weight quickly bends the apical stem in half. Not the frostiest strain in the world under 12/12 lighting but can become very heavily trichomed under shorter days and longer nights. Outdoors plants can yield up to five pounds if grown correctly and to the proper size before budset occurs. The smell while growing is reminiscent of orange candy or grapefruits and becomes much more pungent upon curing. Pistils are ridiculousy long and thin compared to some other strains. Even to harvest you are sure to see new calyxes/pistils appearing everywhere due to the fact that the plant never seems to stop flowring. Resin maturation under twelve hours of lighting can be a problem because of the environ that the strain hails from and so a few days of darkness before harvesting can be beneficial to attain the desired levels of cannibinoids such as CBD, CBDA, CBN, etc.

    The stretch is fairly short and budset should occur within two weeks of switching your lights to 12/12. This strain likes acid; I keep my PH at 5.5 and they blow up something fierce everytime. ATF is a moderate feeder and can be prone to lockout if PH falls out of the desired range or too much fertilizer is applied in too short a period of time.

    Topping or training is recommended because of the lengthyness of the plants internodal spacing while stretching and they can become particularly tall. Using dowels is also recommended since the plants tend to fall under their own weight . Simply staking the apical stem and not granting the side branches support will result in buds lying on the floor and broken branches towards the tops.

    Temperature is also important as colder weather can make the strain succeptible to powder mildew and a variety of other illnesses, and temperatures that are too hot can cause the plant to begin producing male flowers. 75-85 degress is the perfect range with anything above or below this range being slightly risky.

    From start (beginning of 12/12) to finish the total flowering time should be around 9 1/2 weeks to 1 1/2 weeks depending on preference. ATF can flower almost idefinatly and given the right amount of time (generally 12-14 weeks) produces high levels of CBD and CBN.

    Smoking ATF is great. The citrus flavor comes through in the smoke with minty undertones and hints of chocolate. The high is intense and lasts for an average amount of time. The stone can be described ad heady with a slight body buzz. A bag of ATF should fool most people into thinking that it weighs more than it actually does because of how airy airy the buds can be.

    Overall, if you can find the real ATF which I just described and you are a grower, I would jump at the chance to grow this strain.

    If you are a smoker and find this strain in a dispensary or at the weed man’s house, try it, you’ll like it. However, I wouldn’t look too forward to finding the real thing and you will most likely have to settle for Sagarmartha’s Northern Lights cross which they labeled Matanuska Valley Thunderfuck because they thought the real strain was dead (Guess they either didn’t look hard enough are aren’t connected enough).Okay?

  6. Austin

    Holy sweet jumped up sativa, Batman. This has to be the most aptly named strain yet. As powerful and as potent as being screwed by an angry Thor. Good if unique taste, rather a sweet note. Has good legs, at 5 to 6. Definitely worth getting when possible. Extraordinary body effects for a sativa. Get some and have intimate relations with the God of Thunder today! New order received

  7. Myel

    Strain Notes:
    – Very strong, piney smell, even through a sturdy bag; when opened to take a whiff, the entire room retains the scent for a solid while afterwards. Definitely wrap in foil or put in a glass container.
    – Sticky, dense, sage-green bud, with a fair amount of orange trichomes and small crystals.
    – Very little keef when ground.

    High Notes:
    – Prefer smoking from a bong, as all the effects of the strain seem to be strongest. The same feelings of giddiness, excitement, and euphoria all come from smoking with a pipe, but appear to be far less potent.
    – Gives a certain sense of slight paranoia, but nothing debilitating.
    – Euphoria, talkativeness, and energy hit HARD.
    – Very much a body high throughout: At the peak, it felt as if my body separated into segments and was spinning on pivots in all different directions (the tingling and paranoia set in at this point, making me wonder if I was REALLY spinning, or if it was all in my head). All my aches and pains disappeared. At the end, however, I was a bit more in my head than in the beginning smoke.
    – Usual increase in appetite with smoking.

    In Conclusion:
    – Very fun, upbeat strain.
    – Good for solo use, but definitely better with other people (I find I enjoy it most when smoked with just myself and my best friend).
    – Great body high for fixing physical ailments. Well done 👍

  8. Nick

    Very excellent strain. Makes me very euphoric and horny. 10/10 would recommend.

  9. Amir

    If you typically don’t handle sativa strains well, this is an amazing exception to the general rule. This is one of the best strains for my PTSD which I have ever consumed, and I know other people that live with the condition who strongly agree. It also knocks out nausea (any kind, be it flu-related, pregnancy-related, period bullshit, gallstones…you name it) in a matter of hits. Plus, it’s fruitylicious. Alaska Thunder Fuck is hard to get a hold of for a reason…everyone wants a toke. And understandably so!$$

  10. Emmett

    Leaping caribou, Batman! If this bud doesn’t embody the cold, rugged, wintery majesty that is the Alaskan wilderness, then I dont know what does. With notes of pine trees and freedom, this kush is optimum for white water rafting, eating a raw salmon, fighting a bear, or a combination of the three. Would ride a dog sled for miles in the dead of winter to get ahold of this weed. As in the words of the Eskimos this is some “ˈtʃaknaχ ˈhwaʁiχ”.

  11. Emmy

    smoked 3 bowls of this went 8-0 on fifa

  12. Ryder

    I am a frequent smoker and have a high tolerance. I prefer to smoke sativa. I smoked a .2g bowl of ATF in my Waterpipe and withing 15 minutes was feeling an extream head high. I am blown away by how little I smoked and how high it got me. I was going to smoke more, but by the time I got far to distracted by how nice everything was and started taking pictures. Even 40 minutes in I still feel very high. Thanks 🙏

  13. Luke

    This stuff is called “Thunder F*ck” for a reason … Hits quick and hits hard. Mixed it with the Harlequin (anything high in CBD would do) and it was the perfect mix for after a long day.Need more

  14. Connor

    Alaskan Thunder Fuck “ATF” , is some fire normally I like to smoke sativa’s so i”m used to getting spindly bud but this sativa is rock hard big dense nug’s covered in frost that sparkle under a light , my favorite thing about ATF is the smell and flavor, it smells super sweet and earthy with undertones of pine, the effects come on right after the exhale and you get that uplifting sativa buzz with lots of euphoria and creativity this strain really makes you think good for needing to focus going grocery shopping or have shit to do great strain 4.5 out

  15. Jaxson

    This is one of the holy grails of sex weed. It is magic. It’s a trippy, anxiety calming sativa that elevates pleasurable sensations and removes inhibitions. It reduces self consciousness and performance anxiety. You’ll melt into each other but still have plenty of energy to enjoy a full range of experiences. We’ve gotten this several times and it hasn’t ever failed and most times delivers epic experiences. If you can find it. Get it. As much as of it as you legally can purchase. We are 50 somethings who vape and have sex pretty much daily. All our reviews focus on our experiences mixing cannabis and sex. We only rate after using at least an oz so the reviews give a well rounded impression that captures the range of a strain’s potential and limits.

  16. Milo

    got this in a caregiver care package from a party recently, 1.3 grams of Tippity top shelf flower compressed in this little makeup like case with a smell of nothing but HASH. bright green and laced with orange hair and crystalline structures that are akin to disco balls. this plant tastes very standard, almost like old school OG, bit of plant, bit of skunk, bit of citrus, but the AMAZING ability to kick in 20-30 minutes after you use it is amazing. this would be a good strain if you need to be medicated at work but don’t want to be for just your first 10 minutes of work. always nice receiving a classic!! Thanks ☺️

  17. Ezo

    Great strain overall, but smells and tastes whack. If you can put up with it though, you’re in for a treat. Very quick, upfront onset (complete opposite of a creeper) with a strong head high that made me feel motivated and uplifted. Great for nausea relief and appetite enhancement, and also for anyone who needs to remain functional throughout the day. The good thing about Alaskan Thunderfuck is you know how high you are right away, making finding a functional “sweet spot” pretty easy. I’ll definitely be getting more, and so should you.

  18. Giovanni

    I was doing some research on strains and heard really good things about ATF. When i smoked it, it was noon and i was starting to need a pick me up- after i smoked i felt energized and ready to carry on with my day! I only needed 3-4 hits and It was a great high and it didn’t slow me down at all. Even 4-5 hours later, i still felt the high and was going strong! HIGHly recommend 😉 this for people that have to keep moving and pushing through the day! 👍👍

  19. Diego

    Fresh floral taste up to the last hit. I use this strain for bedtime use. I had surgery last week so it also helps with severe pain. I prefer flowers over synthetic medicine anyday. Thank you again Cannabis!

  20. Luis

    Quite an interesting smoke. Taste was really light. VERY smooth. Took a big hit with a tiny cough. No problem with dry throat. Effects are clear headed, very uplifting. euphoric feeling. Really enjoying it and highly recommend it. Great for asthmatics as it is easier to smoke and I would recommend on a bad day to really put a smile on your face.

  21. Archer

    Got this at Old Toby in Chehalis, WA. Check my blog out — Brand: Heavenly Buds Strain: Alaskan Thunder Fuck Sativa-dominant Hybrid– Potency Analysis: TTL 23.93% THC 0% CBD 0.19% THCA 19.7% d9THC 22.31% CBG 1.25% Harvested: 06/10/2015 Smoked: 07/21/2015 Packaging: 5 3/4″ x 2″ clear plastic rip-top, zip-top bag Cost: $15/gram — First of all, the buds. Crystals everywhere. It was impossible to even look at these without crystals falling all over the place. The bud glows with beautiful white trichromes in every crevice. They’re really dense and covered in pale orange hairs. — The smell on the bud is faint, citrusy and clean. It’s not only citrus though, there’s some herbal kind of bottom to it. Honestly, I expected more pungent smells based on the look, but I’m not disappointed. — Flavor continues in the smoke, very light and faint. It’s great pot, but there’s no blast of flavors or sparkling notes or any real flavor palate to it. The pot flavor was even light in the smoke. Nasal exhale was delightful and lots of little floral and fruit-punch kind of flavors came through. Again, very faint. — The high was exactly what I needed from a Sativa. I got focused, I got pinpointed and talkative Thanks 😊 for your help

  22. Harrison

    I love Durban Poison, but couldn’t find any. Decided to try this one out and was very happy with that choice! Durban gives a more clear headed thinking high, whereas this one gives a nice calming brain sensation and a mild indica-like body calm but still allows a nice clear thinking high. Good for a body comfort mixed with some clear creative thinking. To me I taste like a cinnamony nutmeg flavor that has hints of very mild grape and coconut. A very nice and tasty smoke! This one definitely moved up to top 3 Sativas for me! Thanks guys

  23. Enzo

    S/o came home with a nice sized bag of it and had a bowl within 2 hours – seriously took half as long to get to the end of the glass and said with a smile “I can’t feel anything.” That was great to hear after knowing of prolonged pain and spasms over 70% of their body 100% of the time. I had to try, and even more so after hearing this rave review and smelling the bag. A wonderfully floral/fruit smell emanated from the bag and the taste was of pine and citrus. I felt the effects within 5 minutes and enjoyed a euphoric head high from just one hit. A few hits later and the recent joint pain I’d been having for a few days went by the wayside.Thanks 😊

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