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Buy Delta 8 Carts Online in Launceston
If it isn’t from a regulated dispensary, there is no safe amount of delta-8 to consume. But more research is needed to understand what a standard serving size of even regulated delta-8 products should be. Tropical Punch Cartridge – Delta 8 – Satla – 900mg

Because the widespread use of delta-8 is so new, it’s too soon to know how addictive it is. However, given its similar effects with delta-9 THC and the way it interacts with the brain, it is very likely that delta-8 carries all the same risks as cannabis use, including the risk for dependence and addiction. Blue Dream Cartridge – Delta 8 – Satla – 900mg

Similar to cannabis, there are some serious risks of delta-8 THC use in some specific populations, including:


People who are pregnant or breastfeeding

People with serious mental health concerns

People with underlying heart conditions

It’s best to avoid delta-8 THC altogether if you fall into one of these groups. Delta 8 Shop In Australia Cannabis infused Brownie

23 reviews for rape Ape Cartridge – Delta 8 – Satla – 900mg

  1. Henry

    What a fun strain! Everything seems hilarious. Perfect antidote for a funky mood. You can easily focus but at the same time you are very high. Tweaks the doors of perception in a joyous way so, my favorite kind of cannabis. I’d buy it again.

  2. Lucas

    Clementine is a day time winner. A wonderful Sativa that tastes like its name. Excellent strain for ADD/ADHD. Clementine is great for mornings and use throughout the day. Helps with clarity, focus, staying on task. It helps me have patience enough not to rush my work. I give it an 8 out of 10 for help with ADD/ADHD. Clementine is a happy, energetic, and content buzz.

  3. Benjamine

    Absolutely amazing. I couldn’t stop laughing with my friends for so long after this. We were giddy the whole high! Definitely a go-to if you’re having an awful day or even hanging with friends. My favorite so far, not to mention that I have severe depression and this really helped me.

  4. Theodore

    I created a leaflet account specifically to share a review of this strain. I grabbed this from my local dispensary (in vape concentrate) just to try something different. I usually tend towards relaxing indica varieties like gorilla glue, or gelato, so this is outside of my norm. It’s my new holy-grail-go-to-every-chance-I-get strain. I have now purchased a cartridge of this every time I go to the dispensary, because I always like to have it available to me. It has a very calming effect without making you couch locked or sleepy. It increases my focus ten fold and makes me feel methodical in the best way. Nothing irritates me, and I can get everything on my list done in a focused, one at a time manner rather than my typical scattered and anxious manner. It is the BEST daytime strain I’ve ever tried, but it’s also relaxing enough that if you just want to chill out you can do so and feel euphoric. It has helped me through numerous panic attacks and it’s my preferred strain for my extreme travel anxiety (as a passenger, of course!)

  5. Mateo

    Definitely comes from Tangie genetics. In fact, I am not sure if in a double blind smoke test I could tell them apart. Even the high is very similar. However, Clementine has more energy than Tangie and is probably stronger. Good active strain.

  6. Live

    This one hits like an indica at first. A little dizzying and spacey after a couple more minutes. It feels like your brain is telling your body to get up and do things but your body is saying no

  7. Sebastian

    This is a very creative and energetic high. I cleaned the whole house while dancing around, cut down a tree, and solved all the issues my wife and I argue over. Taste is ehh but I’m still using the fire tom hanks made in castaway.

  8. Daniel

    I guess in bomb ass and it really just kicked ass and I really liked it after showing up like damn all right this is friggin what’s all about it and you know it is that’s why do it I walk a dog I just really like it and fuck and suck it up man just do this shit is good

  9. Jack

    I love Clementine! It’s such a sunshine strain, happy, relatively clear-headed, and good for inspired conversations with friends. Clementine is my fun weed of choice!

  10. Michael

    Very great strain first time trying it I was impressed on how flavorful and impactful it is on your mental capacity very citrusy and uplifting me as a patient suffered from ADHD and anxiety and depression this really comes in clutch.

  11. Alexander

    Tried this on a recommendation from my budtender at my local dispensary. Smells great, tastes great — effects were awesome. Uplifting, energized, happy, playful…I felt more like myself than I have in a while — and I medicate for depression. This strain is

  12. Owen

    Super sativa. I’m more of an indica hybrid kind of guy because sativas are usually too heady for me. However this strain even testing at 29% total cannaboids is smokable without any anxiety. This is my strain if I need work done. Just got done cleaning my whole house while jamming to pandora. I love this strain for its uplifting happiness! It smells just like the clementine oranges. A must try for any seasoned smoker!

  13. Asher

    As someone who has really bad ADD and doesn’t like pills, I’ve wanted to find a balanced feeling that keeps me focused and energetic while also being able to keep the good parts of myself. This strain kicked my ass. Clementine might be the perfect strain for me. I took a couple hits before class and I was so engaged. This past week I’ve literally done some of the best work on tests and quizzes I’ve done all year and I attribute that success to this strain. A steady euphoric boost that helps you focus strong cerebral energy into whatever you wish to engage yourself in. Whether it be talking with your friends or studying for a test, Clementine keeps you in the game and helps you get shit done.

  14. Samuel

    This is definitely a Top 5 for me. I’m asthmatic and by now I have tried at least an ounce of this strain and no cap this is a strain that allows me to breath easy the entire time, minimum coughing fr. Emphasis on the “sativa-DOMINANT”, this is not just a sativa it’s a hybrid. Clementine makes me feel so balanced and level headed while also getting my creative juices flowing! I’ve been so much more inspired and productive than I ever expected to be. Don’t get me wrong tho, I definitely find myself like stuck every now and then, and binging a good show is top tier with Clementine. It’s good for wake n bake when you got a long day ahead and want to feel motivated but also really *chef’s kiss* when you tryna smash or play video games or take a nap. Also, hit this in my Pax a few time and literally one or two bowls in there be having me good for a few hours. That minty/fruity/peppery smell description is valid, very yummy. This definitely gave me the munchies but is great for helping digestion after a big meal or period cramps. I haven’t tried Clementine as a cannabutter but I know it buss, I’m definitely gonna make some soon. I’ve already recommend to others and will keep doing so, Clem is a gem!

  15. Leo

    This is my first time with this strain. I’m a somewhat new smoker still developing my “taste”/”pallet” for distinguishing strains. That said, My darlin’, “Clementine”, stood out like a debutant at the state fair. The citrus is nice and overpowers the skunky fragrance of normal cannabis. Half way through my bowl, as I always smoke out in the backyard while I play fetch with my dog, I was already uplifted. By the end of the bowl I was having as much fun as my furry buddy. And now, as I’ve come inside my man-cave, I’ve been inspired to write this. As I study this wonderful strain, I’m feeling relaxed and full of joy, contrary to my normal depression/anxiety for which I smoke. I’m energized and ready to stream some video games, after my smoke sesh. I may enjoy another bowl in a few hours to keep the mood going! Cheers!

  16. Ethan

    Ah, Clementine – I am thine. I’m vaping this from a Rythm disposable pen. I’m new to this strain so got the 300 mg disposable to keep the initial investment a bit lower for my first trial. FYI, before I drone on about the experience, I’m heading back to the dispensary to get at least one more pen after I’m cool to drive again. I’m a fan of m’ brand new darling. I stick primarily with the more energetic sativa strains, when I can. Clementine didn’t disappoint, there. Rather than venture into a wake and bake on my trial run, I took one generous pen-pull just as work was ending for the day (the joys of remote work!). It crept up on me nicely and I felt focused, buzzed, motivated, and happily graced with perma-grin. No couch-lock or loss of energy whatsoever. It didn’t amp me up or increase anxiety at all. I just felt like partying but it in no way scattered my thoughts. I went out to grab the mail as the high was still climbing and met my neighbor by the street. We chewed the fat for about 10 minutes and I didn’t feel insecure or worried that I was running off at the mouth. My neighbor’s assessment of our conversation may vary of course but, point being, I wasn’t too stoned to carry on a coherent conversation and I felt comfortably social – more so than I usually do. As I usually do before I write a Leafly review, I take only one (generous) hit. It’s about the only way I can add some consistency as a basis of comparison for the different strains or products I review. I only mention that to say that, from my experience, most sativas or sativa hybrids will become more indica-like the more you ingest. I haven’t hit Clementine hard yet but, based on what I’ve experienced with just one good pull, I’m confident that I can, if desired, get stoned to the bajeezus belt. I don’t partake daily, though, so it might be different for those with a high tolerance. I enjoy cannabis primarily as a recreational user. I’ve had rheumatoid arthritis most of my adult life and, even with the single pull of Clementine, I did experience at least some ankle pain relief while walking. Might be more relief with a heavier dose. All in all, I’ve found a very happy place with Clementine. For me, she’s a more cozy spin on Super Lemon Haze (which I dearly love), with less trippy-ness and a bit less drive. I highly recommend giving Clementine a whirl (think old-school square dance). If you ease into it, I’m confident you’ll have no regrets. Or regerts.

  17. Jackson

    Super head high and I love it. A great strain to smoke and hang with the family or watch a movie and be able to keep up with the plot. The best part is when you start to lose the high you are able to just fall asleep with no issues. Smokes great, the taste is citrus like

  18. Mason

    2015 Cannabis Cup Energizing and uplifting Happy focused relaxed xTangie

  19. Ezra

    Tried this strain in a cannabis oil cartridge, in a medical only state. I found this strain provides a nice medicinal benefit of stress reduction and a bit of elevated mood for the first 30-45 minutes. However, as the “high” goes down, I was left with a feeling of emotional hollowness. A rather unpleasant feeling for me. My wife, also a medical patient, expressed feeling a noticeable difference in mood as the high dropped. Far more pronounced than just the “high wearing off”. Not a repeat for me.

  20. John

    Smoked this for almost 2 weeks. Amazing sativa buzz will have you so uplifted with no anxiety or paranoia. The flavor of orange lemon citrus marmalade makes this one so tasty. Hitting it on dart x pod from insa.I was high a good 3 hrs Everytime I smoked! It makes chilled relaxed with out the couch lock. This sativa buzz is worth it! If you need to stay focused for the day,or in a social setting or want to party. Very great sativa and I will definitely pick this strain again in the future. I highly recommend cheers!

  21. Hudson

    Oh, Clementine… Pretty chill for being a sativa – not necessarily a bad thing. Primarily, this sativa’s effects seem to channel into a strong, creative, and content focus. It’s been wonderous for my ADHD – probably the best strain for it that I’ve found. Clementine does seem to energize overall stamina some, putting me almost immediately into momentum of getting shit done… and enjoying it quite a bit along the way. The smell of citrus with just a little bit of grass coming through floods the room upon unwrapping this gift. The taste is undoubtedly citrus-y, almost spot on to clementines, in my opinion… it also is strong enough to last a few hits & you not feel like *too much of* an asshole that you can’t resist that first taste yourself before passing the bowl… or, that you won’t be totally missing out when you do politely share first 😉 Would definitely recommend this strain for those with ADHD and/or anyone in need of just some calm, centered energy for a productive day ahead. Great daytime strain all around.

  22. Luca

    Great for wake and bake. Good strain to get work done and feel less anxious about it

  23. Aiden

    Calmed my anxiety and depression, gave me back my energy and focus

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