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40 reviews for Grand Daddy Purple Vape Cart – Delta 8 THC – Fresh – 900MG

  1. Maddox

    Good wake up strain I have it by liberty oil cartridge it’s definitely a Sativa but to much will give u anxiety n paranoia but I like it

  2. Justin

    im not a Sativa lover to say the least, however I was blessed with a 2gram prerolled blunt of this with a gram of hash and rolled in kief. So it balanced off to a Hybrid sorta feeling in rhe body, relaxing yet Floaty in the head but present. Giggles galore, without paranoia. Best of all , The sweet taste of oranges coated our mouths. 🍊🍊🤤😘🤗😎🌬️💨💨💨

  3. Judah

    Citrusy flavor hint of pine. Nice head buzz with lots of energy. Smoked a bowl and before I knew it everyone in the house was allready in bed but I was still up doing chores and watching YouTube. The plus side was when I was ready to go to bed it was no problem , a good sound sleep. I will Definetly get some more of this , good for a wake and bake or to get some things done in the evening when you plan on being up for a bit. On a side note I smoked this one a second time around , the wife wanted to get intimate and I was at attention fast. Even afterward it seemed that my blood was still pumping as I kept rising to the occasion which is not the norm for me. Give this one a shot , lots of fun.

  4. Kevin

    Unfortunately Clementine is definitely not my strain. My system just doesn’t do well with sativas. I wanted to try it because of all the positive reviews about energy but not overt high. For me it’s high and no energy. One good vape draw makes me very spacey and dizzy. Not what I want. I was hoping for focus and energy. Got opposite. Plus the end of the draw is very harsh and coughy to me. Not saying it doesn’t work great for most. I must have weirdly wired cannabinoid system

  5. Dawson

    I actually feel high and focused! I am quite pleasantly surprised with the strain. An order for a half zip from Paq DC and two hours later it arrived. The buds are shaky and not much to look at, but after smoking I was blown away! Expect to feel high kinda like an indica while still being able to remain energetic and focused. It’s definitely a sativa-dominant strain, it even smells like citrus. The hit from my bong was harsh yet tasted sweet. Definitely a solid mid

  6. Matter

    Just want to say this is my first review, and partly to why I am making it is due to my high remarks. Clementine recently has been my favorite strains. I find it to have an eye upliftish feeling while also not being to overwhelming powerful. Sometimes with uplifting strains I find to get headaches, and with this strain I don’t find to have any pressure build up. Overall 10/10 strain!

  7. Miguel

    Clementine is a great wake and bake. give you the motivation you need to start your day….

  8. Zayden

    Had a panic attack after smoking half a bowl. I’ve been smoking weed for a while and that has never happened to me before. It also gave me the extreme munchies once I calmed down. I wouldn’t recommend this strain to anyone!

  9. Camden

    Had a very relaxed, light and fun 420 with this strain. I never got sleepy but my partner knocked out for ten minutes after smoking, but after his nap we were both just cheerful, explorative, chill. Great daytime strain.

  10. Christian

    This is my new homework strain. Excellent pain control with a super clean body high that is clear-headed and functional. Not too appetite provoking.

  11. Messiah

    I originally reviewed Clementine a couple of months ago and I stumbled on another jay from a dispensary in Central MA just a short time ago.OMG it’s a pure sativa high that not everyone might like but it can put you in a euphoric state!Wonderful smell and taste as well.I hope some of the central mass dispensary people see this post.

  12. Alan

    The citrus scent from the buds is amazing. Great feelinng happiness and mellowness

  13. Alex

    This strain is like an Orange Julius! Usually on the bottom tier but a wonderfully delightful smoke! Uplifting and energizing

  14. Nicolas

    Great strain to have with your morning coffee. Uplifting yet relaxed, creative yet reserved, this strain will have you feeling deeply observant and aware- get in touch with your inner feline with this one.

  15. Felix

    I had mine with a Dab and it was awesome. The feeling is very euphoric and happy. It’s also a very dreamy state of walking when your up. It’s cool and I’m up. I had mine at @urbanpharm it was dope.

  16. Alejandro

    Nice Sativa that is not too strong so it is perfect when you need to work while stoned

  17. Jesse

    Very good however it does hit a little bit hard. But makes you feel in complete bliss.

  18. Beckott

    Exactly as described. nice smelling and great effects. Made from two other of my favorite, no wonder I enjoy it. Try it’s parents if you like this one.

  19. Matias

    It’s become one of my favorites. It’s smooth with a citrus, orange taste. Nice vape!

  20. Tucker

    Clementine is one of the best tasting strains I have ever had. It tastes like exactly like a Clementine sweet and orangy. Hints of lemon and an after taste of almonds and white tea. It’s not as euphoric as some other Sativas I’ve had. It’s a good strain if you need to power through your day. Like a glass of morning orange juice and a dose of vitamin C.

  21. Emilio

    I really, REALLY like this strain. It doesn’t really come off as citrusy to me when I vape it (I have the PAX pod with clementine distillate in it). The taste comes off more herbal or lavender than citrus, but it’s a delicious surprise! I got it for my issues with attention and it has helped immensely in the one day I’ve been using it!

  22. Xander

    review for Clementine #8. very Orangie as the others, maybe more so. very nice daytime and wake n bake herb. very energetic and uplifting high, a bit creative action going also got at naturalrxnm in Albuquerque NM for $7.50 a gram got 7 to try. very good anytime smoke and out of this world orange taste and even aftertaste. not the strongest is my only complaint if it is even one. legalization in the 505 hopefully sum year

  23. Knox

    Very bright, focused high with energetic feel but able to stay on point and on task definitely a day time green for me. Sorted the kids play area out without anxiety or frustration on what the heck to do with all the stuff….😜

  24. Oscar

    So yummy to smell and taste, just like citrus blooms. Really enjoyed this, hope to come across it again.

  25. Beckham

    Love, Love, Love it.. Wake and Bake Two thumbs up!! Sweet citrus taste. Don’t under estimate this gal cuz she’s a Creeper, and she’ll grab you by your #$@&!!!

  26. Timothy

    This strain starts off tasting great on the exhale with notes of orange and mint. The body high is quick to come on and after a few minutes the head high rushes in and puts your head in the clouds. Super euphoric. Get like I was melting into my chair.

  27. Abraham

    perfect for the ride home on a long drive.

  28. Andre

    I recently discovered this gem of a strain at a Trulieve location! It’s become a staple in my medicine cabinet. The taste is light and citrusy, with a lemon after taste. I struggle with getting motivated to finish projects or work on daily task. After just one dose of this delightful strain, I was on the focus train. Impressively, the focus didn’t just fade away after a couple hours. I was able to stay focused the whole day. This strain is a MUST TRY if you’re seeking to get productive.

  29. Gavin

    this shit has me flying like Moses on a chariot

  30. Brody

    It is my go-to for a euphoric high. Low chance of getting anxiety with this one

  31. Barrett

    Tastes like a margarita

  32. Hayes

    Great daytime strain… almost all head high for me but my head felt like a clear blue sky and felt more way more motivated and very functional Yet still uplifted

  33. Jett

    I have had this as a joint and a bong and I prefer bong with the taste. It’s very sweet and very much like clementine but I also get spicy out of it. That spice when hot in a joint – ouch – cough-a-rama. But, in a bong? Oh man, fruity and smooth and the spice isn’t as detectable. Although this is a Sativa I don’t feel so much the get-up-and-go nor do I feel compelled to clean my house. Which, in this case is a disservice lol. I am uplifted, happy and feel good but physically neutral on whether to sit or go. This doesn’t have me as jittery as I assumed considering it’s heritage but overall nice experience.

  34. Brandon

    Ok, I just took a big hit. This batch is very well cured the buds are very compact an aromatic. I believe this is a good example of the strain which is obviously top shelf. I better have another hit (I like to have a “session” with each strain to make sure I get good and stoned). The weed is cracking off the bud displaying perfect curing compact and crystally with bud dust. So still waiting for a definitive description of the high – this is high class weed, I am very stoned – I will have another luscious hit just a sec…the buds bright green hard and dank …great feeling in and out of the lungs… We have a winner I’m very very high and very very grateful For this strain and whoever cured it. Heavy hitting (no doubt the high is big) definitely a hard core smooth sativa… very ready to go, but an easy feeling on the nerves. This is a very heavy stone but we want strong weed …and this is.

  35. Joel

    Great for mood uplift- and nice body buzz. Mostly just social and giggly but be careful bc too much (especially if you have bipolar or other similar mental health issues) can cause more racy, disorganized thinking- like spending the whole day trying to do a million things but never accomplishing any of it because can’t stay focused on one ting long enough. Does that make sense? Who knows and who cares because I just smoked Clementine and that makes me happy!!😂🤣

  36. Victor

    The initial notes of Clementine hit me hard. My nostrils flared and I whinnied like a newly realized colt. Yet as I found my legs, the citrusy delight trailed into dark canyon. Accents of human feces and my grandmothers hand lotion…walking into a tranny butt quiff wall of fog…after a double shift…working the sloppy Joes in the freight liners to get enough change for some meth and a gas station burrito. I digress. Fuckin dig this strain. Clementine is a level day time productivity tool.

  37. Peter

    Burns way to fast instant motivation

  38. Able

    Picked up this strain as a package of pre-rolls from my dispensary. The dispensary website had it listed as 20.84% THC but the batch I got was tested at 25.2% THC. Really liked it, definitely a very clean and pure sativa strain with little to no traces of what you would expect to feel from indica or even a sativa-dominant hybrid. The taste is good, not amazing but not bad, slight hints of citrus but pretty clean. There’s a reason this is one of the top sativa strains. Great energy and very uplifting without any hint of lethargy or drowsiness.

  39. Edward

    awesomd awesome… vape cartridge i have had in a very very long time very smooth and easy on the lungs. i would highly recommened this cartridge and would buy again….. if your lucky enough to find this cartridge you won’t regreat buying it… catridge by viola, strain clementine…

  40. Karter

    this shit is absolutely bangin

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