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Double Trouble Gummies Online Brisbane Now, you can take Fresh Blended Gummies Double Trouble, available in 1000MG, for a unique, mind-boggling experience. Featuring a unique combination of cannabinoids, Delta 8 blended gummies have a powerful, mind-boggling effect. Thanks to our isolation and extraction process, you will experience a powerful buzz thanks to the variety of delta 8 and HHC.

You get a potent and euphoric buzz from a Delta 8 blend, almost like the high you get from THC. It is entirely legal. So grab some now! It’s the perfect way to relax with friends or enjoy an afternoon alone; Fresh Blended Gummies Double Trouble contains 13mg delta 8 and 13mg HHC per gummy to provide an even smooth buzz. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Double Trouble Fresh Delta 8 and HHC Gummies offer 1000mg of pure Delta 8 and HHC. It’s a strong, potent, and exhilarating buzz that brings a new meaning to the word euphoria. These gummies are best enjoyed with friends, though they make a great companion for anyone spending a quiet evening alone with a good book too. But hurry! They’re flying out of the store, so you better get yours before they’re gone!

Fresh Delta 8 and HHC Gummies offer you a new and exciting edible experience. Whether you’re a gummy expert or trying them for the first time, we guarantee you’ll find yourself floating to a new plane of existence with these cannabinoid treats. Not only are they one of the most unique hemp-based experiences available, but they are one of the safest too. As with all of our products, these gummies are sent to third-party labs for testing. It’s our way of making sure you get nothing but the best.

Are you new to blends? Then you’re in for a treat. We guarantee you’ll love our blends — or them! They offer one of the unique hemp-based experiences on the market, and they’re great for those who love multiple cannabinoids or want a more substantial buzz.

Total Strength
Strength Per gummy
Total Units
40 gummies
Total Delta 8
Delta 8 Per gummy
Total HHC
HHC Per gummy



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