Alibi Vape Pens Delta8 THC Au

Alibi Vape Pens Delta8 THC Au Interested in sampling the best of both Delta-8 and Delta-10 worlds? Try the Alibi Vape Pens Delta-8 THC and Delta-10 THC Variety Bundle which brings together the Hybrid and Sativa-leaning strains with buzzy flavors that include Sour Diesel, Green Crack, Skywalker OG, and Strawberry Cough.

What is Delta-10 THC? It’s the latest cannabinoid to hit the market, and it’s making waves. Delta-10 is one of the hundreds of cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, usually in small amounts. But we’ve managed to up the ante for those nights when you’re feeling extra hyper and want a buzz. With Delta-10 THC, you’ll enjoy a sativa-like buzz that will keep you moving a mile a minute.

What is Delta-8 THC? This all-new, world-class cannabinoid comes with a psychotropic high that’s completely legal. You’ve never had a high this extreme before. Delta-8 is a derivative of its more famous cousin, Delta-9 THC, though it’s only found in trace amounts in the cannabis plant. Now, we’ve isolated and extracted it, creating our most extreme products ever. You’ll experience a powerful, extreme but enjoyable psychotropic high, not unlike THC. It falls into a regulatory grey area, so until the government decides to ban it, it’s totally legal (for now). So grab some before it’s too late!

What’s included in the Alibi Vape Pens Delta-8 THC and Delta-10 THC Variety Bundle?

Alibi Delta-10 THC Disposable Vape Pen – Strawberry Cough -700mg
Alibi Delta-10 THC Disposable Vape Pen – Sour Diesel – 700mg
Alibi Delta-8 THC Disposable Vape Pen – Green Crack – 920mg
Alibi Delta-8 THC Disposable Vape Pen – Skywalker OG – 920mg

25 reviews for Alibi Vape Pens Delta-8 THC and Delta-10 THC Variety 4 Pack Bundle

  1. Christian

    This strain is by far the best I’ve ever had. As an advocate of hemp derived products, I’ve had my fair share of THC. This D10 is legit and so is brand.

  2. Brown

    Wow! The Smell: Extreme citrus fills the room this strain has a pungent odor I can’t get enough of this strain I can see why they would call it Clementine however it smells like the forest took a shower and was going out on a date this is superb oh so sublime. The structure: Very different it’s a twist and resembles more of the true thai stick lenage, it has very dusty trichs curling towards the top I see small black spots here and there on how it was trimmed very interesting dark orange like dark dreamcicle this strain has a rainbow of black leafs and a coral reef structure I can’t get enough of how much it looks like thai stick :O! The test on this is 18%thc which is interesting. The Effect: very Euphoric and very creative intact I wouldn’t be doing such a review if it wasn’t for the effect totally cool! I feel very motivated and standing to improve more of my exercise it’s been 20 hours since I’ve eaten and it’s making me more motivated than ever to take care of what needs to be done I can’t wait for the deliciousness thatI will consume. This is worth it to me because it’s making my mind more calm about the situation instead of panicking it’s quiet great. Good for ADHD, concentration, motivation and nervousness I would like to say this is also great for a bad day :D! The Taste: Pine, with tones of lemon very herbal and gotta say like fresh cut grass this also has a nice warming effect over my body!

  3. Tata

    After a weekend of solid family and insomnia I decided to take today off to sleep in and enjoy a day alone. I wake and baked with Clementine, a really delightful sativa whose parents are Tangie and Lemon Skunk. Mine tested out high at 28.33% THC and 1.35% CBD. I am feeling sparkles and higher than I have in a long time, it’s so weird how flower can hit me harder than the potent oils sometimes! I feel sparkles in my head and some pressure in my head and forehead too – nothing uncomfortable, but you feel the presence there nonetheless. I kind of like it because it reminds me I’m high. Music is especially floaty notey with this strain. I will definitely buy Clementine again! It smells and tastes lightly fruity and I’m already feeling just that much better about my day 🙂

  4. Adam

    Clementine decent strain to activate your third eye or increase your focus.I found this strain tasty for me it remind’s me of orange Bubble Yum piece of gum w/ tones of skunk.You could feel the cerebral effect’s immediate.You could tackle Stewart Little mice studies on Pub Med. 1/1 thc/cbd b.I.d 5mg sublingual on deck 1/10 anxiety w/ flower. I truly believe a low endocannabinoid system causes myself to have these migraines/CEDC/pts w/ CB1 CB2 THC low serotonin.Reading study’s I think they are clearly correct.No migraines & pain w/ 1/1 Hashishans Duple Drops 1/1 and weather rain and humidity past couple of day’s. Degrees in anxiety/flight or flight/claustrophobia/stimuli reaction to kid’s in public and other symptoms.Family/friends have noticed huge difference.Great feeling being at peace feel refreshed feel recharged.

  5. Cole

    Potent Sativa, great genetics, and when grown properly, the terps are just plain LOUD! A pleasure to medicate with ( morning coffee and few tokes, I’m ready for the day!) I have this 5 stars (to get 5 from me, it has to be special) due to its terps.. Clementine is “Quen of the Terpene”

  6. Carter

    Gosh! Why haven’t I taken you out Clementine, before now! wow she packs a good uplifting, focused buzz.

  7. Hudson

    Are you tired? Are you lacking the energy and focus you need to get things done? Do you still need to paint your house, build a deck, run a marathon and babysit a small energetic child? Then let me tell you, this is the strain for you! I was focused, calm, but an energy producing machine! Every time I knocked something off my list, I was ready to tackle something else. I wanted to jump a mile high and walk around the sun, but the level headed feel of this strain kept me from making those bad decisions. If you are looking for a good, clean head high, with strong effects in the motivation department you will not be disappointed!

  8. Xander

    🍊🍼 Clementine is sweet little Sativa with mild effects and a nice flavor. Pretty little buds with short orange hairs. I wasn’t too impressed with the high, but I did enjoy the taste. Not much of a head buzz for being a sativa, but it did calm the nerves a bit and gave a slight boost in sociability. Would recommend this for the novice toker. Nothing too exciting, but a good starter Sativa grown by Remedy. a-Terpinolene: 4.853 mg/g, b-Myrcene: 0.883 mg/g, b-Caryophyllene: 1.783 mg/g.

  9. Elijah

    Check out this amazing strain coming from Crockett Family Farms, if y’all have not had a chance to sample any strains from CFF, Clementine will be an instant favorite for any sativa fan or a fan of orange citrus flavoured strains. Clementine combines the award winning Tangie strain crossed with the strong Lemon Skunk, this sativa combination will have the mind filled with happy and energetic vibes… despite being a straight sativa this strain can have an indica type vibe that can assist with stress and fatigue as this strain will get you off the couch and motivated to tackle whatever the day has in store for you

  10. Caddy

    Not smoking on this strain exactly but rather a hybrid of it. The strain is Mimosa (cultivated by jungle boys) It is a cross between Clementine X Purple Punch This strain is fantastic! A couple tokes of a joint of this gets me mad lifted. The high is nice. It feels incredibly euphoric and uplifting. Very chatty on this strain lol. But also a creative aspect to this. I can get work done and brainstorm well on this strain. I’d highly recommend Clementine or a hybrid with it!

  11. David

    I found this to be a real creeper weed. It tastes sweet and citrusy and it motivates you to keep going. Its a very mellow high and found it pleasant but uplifting. Definite future buy.

  12. Felix

    My first review EVER. The Previous reviews I just read on the strain are dead on. Attempt on some Clementine, Crumble. Sweeeeet. As promised, citrusy orangey fruity. Now, I almost always cough regardless of if it’s Flower,concentrate, wax etc. So I took one big pull, Expecting a throat hit and some coughing… and didn’t even realize I had already gotten a full lung’s hot. Pretty smooth. Well in crumble form… With my low tolerance, one or two hits is all you need. I feel great. Awake, but chill. No major dry mouth to report. I do feel a bit buzzy And tingly… the only thing that I don’t like is that it’s a tiny bit too heady for me, my ears are ringing a little & I can feel a little bit of pressure in my head… possible borderline mild headache on the horizon feeling…but that’s a hit or miss. Well, thanks for reading my first review. Did I mention I literally put down the clementine and started this review? So this is not only my first review, its my first stoned review! How’d I do? Gimme a thumbs up or done? If it’s voted DOWN, this is will also be my last review! I figure this last paragraph speaks for itself as far as how high I am right now 😂😂 Grape Valley Kush is on deck for night-night time later.

  13. Caddy

    If you want a great almost Orange tasting strain this is the one!also great producer not super potent but tastey my buddy picked a pack of this up from the Crockett fam it was like 80$ for a 10 pack I believe so he popped them all we were looking for the best phenos of the 10 seeds and one plant he grew from all of the 10 seeds was labeled the Clementine #4 and I swear this pheno of Clementine is super lemon tasteing almost reminds me of the Lemon tree strain if you’ve ever had lemon tree and I mean the real lemon tree the taste is unforgettable and this pheno almost reminds me of it so anyways we have crossed this pheno with other stuff and well see what it brings to the table first cross is Clementine x animal cookie A.k.a the cleminal….. lol

  14. Cole

    picked this up at AZ Nature, just looked too tastsy to pass up had to get it! Orangish, with a lil Curtis sent Leaves are a dark green with orange hairs scattered all over each nug. the high comes on pretty quick, definitely feel it in the head and arms. feel more stoney then energetic, but still feel like I wanna do something. great for the end of the day with friends, or when ur out doing something

  15. Xavier

    I am not usually a fan of Sativa strains because I have an abundance of energy anyways, but this strain is amazing for mornings because wakes you up but does not cause anxiety or intense racing thoughts or any signs of overstimulation (Green Crack drives my anxiety through the roof) but this strain is very special for those of us sensitive to Sativas in general. I highly recommend if you struggle with the above issues and need a good wake me up and focus strain. The taste is like a morning after a heavy rainfall. Crisp, citrusy, but light, refreshing, woodsy, and easy to vape. I used BareCali.

  16. Adrian

    The third strain I’ve tried, the first true sativa, and oh BOY is this a good one. Before anything else, I have to comment on the taste: the flavor of this strain is A++ AMAZING! When I got this, it was in concentrate form in a vape cartridge from Timeless Vapes. They were having a 15% off sale on vapes at the dispensary I got this from (Nova Dispensary in Mesa, AZ). I told my budtender I enjoy sweet, fruity, floral flavors, and was looking for a strain that is great at relieving severe pain (my menstrual cramps have been AWFUL this time around and I was in desperate need of something other than a heavy indica to smoke for the following reason), while also either not making me any more tired, or even better, LESSENING my fatigue. (I am always tired and run down, I haven’t been diagnosed but I’m almost positive it’s Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I plan to see a doctor about it once other more pressing medical issues are addressed.) He suggested a cartridge of Clementine. I had never heard of this strain before, so I asked him what it tasted like, and he said it was like eating those little mandarin oranges, or like biting into one of those sweet little Halo/Cutie oranges. He was TOTALLY right! This strain is like inhaling the freshest, sweetest orange you’ve ever tasted. Also a few other citrus/tropical flavors: some hits taste faintly of lemon and/or grapefruit (mainly in the form of a sweet-and-sour accent), and I picked up on a few spicy, herbal, earthy notes as well. I can’t speak so much to the smoke from the flower-form of this strain, but the vapor produced by the concentrate smells AMAZING. Even my grandmother, who’s newer to the whole idea of medical cannabis use and previously never much liked the smell of cannabis products, said that the vapor smells great. I’m almost tempted to sit in my car and vape on this so the interior of my car smells all tropical and fruity. Now onto the effects. When I asked what symptoms this strain helped to relieve, my budtender used the information from good ol’ Leafly’s strain page: stress, depression, fatigue, pain, headaches. Sounds like me in a nutshell. I was a bit concerned because pain was the 4th out of 5 symptoms listed in terms of what the strain popularly helps with, but I decided to try it anyway… and oh my GODS I’m glad I did. First of all, this is a great wake-and-bake strain. Just a couple good hits off this concentrate and I was motivated to leap out of bed, make a decent breakfast, and hop right into the shower. I even took a “full” shower (shampoo, conditioner, body wash, shaved everything, and lotion afterwards), which I usually only take once every one to two weeks or so simply because I so severely lack the energy to take anything but a quickie. Now I’m chilling out on the couch, waiting to go out and get my nails done, all nice and clean and smelling sweet and fruity (just like this strain) with soft, clean skin and hair. I feel GREAT! As someone whose depression can destroy motivation and the will to get out of bed in the morning, this is WONDERFUL medicine. Then there’s the pain: two hits and I was feeling happy, energized, and motivated. Four hits? My killer menstrual pain? GONE. My pain is often worse in the morning right when I wake up. I rolled over and toked on this, and within minutes, the pain was bearable. A few more minutes and it was gone. Simply amazing. The only thing that gets this strain docked a star has to do with some of the negative side effects. Granted, I did get a little TOO stoned on this yesterday (I mean, it was Stoney Saturday), so it could have simply been because I just partook a bit too much, but after a while I started to experience a pretty severe headache. I know “headache” is one of the symptoms this strain was listed to help, but maybe after a certain amount of it, its effects sort of start to contradict itself. (Or maybe it’s just one of those cases of “every person experiences it differently”.) In any case, the headache was bad enough to where I had to actually try to take a nap. I slept a couple hours but the headache came back later and I ended up just going to bed early. After a while I also started to notice some dizziness, blurred vision, and disorientation. My eyes also got SUPER dry and burned a little; just really uncomfortable. Over all though, in moderation, this strain is awesome. It provides great symptom relief for both pain AND fatigue, and is a great “get up and go” strain for those who may struggle to get out of bed in the morning. It’s not something I would get totally baked on, but a few hits here and there would definitely keep me bright and active throughout the day. I have a feeling this will DEFINITELY remain one of my favorite wake-and-bake strains!

  17. Vicki

    I am vaping a MUV G-Pen cartridge with Clementine in it and the taste and effects are very mellow for me. Unlike “Red Headed Stranger”, this one kind of brings me down in a calm way without the giggles. Very nice with a little bit of a spacey effect without the tiredness that an Indica dominant hybrid can give. Feels calm in the head and every bit as good, or better than any Valium could ever be. I’ll take this plant any day of the week. I did notice that it amped up my tinnitus – ringing in my ears but I don’t seem to care. The same thing happens with other strains but I care less. With Clementine, stuff that bugs me doesn’t bug me as much. Awesome feeling and way to be. Do not feel ultra creative, just relaxed without sleepy or hungry.

  18. Gabriel

    I have a lot of different types of Sativa. Clementine gives you lots of energy even late at night. It does reduce stress and keeps you calm and focused even while running all over the place from the Sativian effects. No let down after and high lasts about 2.5 hours. No paranoia or anxiety great strain

  19. Liam

    clones well, trains decently and grows short enough for a sativa. smells like someone left a box of lil cuties in the grow room! one of my top five desert island strains. nice anxiety free focused effect (in light doses) that’s an absolute pleasure to vape. even when smoked in a joint you can still taste it, just not as sweet. this is my rotating sativa along with Jack herer. just smooths out my anxiety disorder, social discomfort and depression.

  20. Noah

    I just tried this strain for the first time in a Pax Era Pod so I can’t speak to the flower, but I’m loving this as a daytime strain. I was a little nervous because sativas tend to give me anxiety, but Clementine made me feel alert yet super chill with no sleepiness. It’s energetic in that I’ve gotten a lot done on a day where I was generally feeling pretty sleepy and achey, but it’s not the racy, caffeine-like energy rush/crash I’ve experienced with other sativa strains; it’s very even and brings you down slowly. Also, it tastes great. The only downside is that it’s not super focused; I found myself energized and inspired to start a bunch of different things only to get distracted and completely forget what I was initially doing -.-

  21. Owen

    I suffer from anxiety and depression. I have been recommended to smoke indica strains for the obvious effects, however every time I would smoke those I would feel even more in my head, anxious, paranoid & introverted. I was hesitant to try Clementine because of the risk of getting more anxious being a sativa dominant, but wow this strain is so wonderful. I feel uplifted & happy. My mind and thoughts are more at rest and I feel very in control of them. My memory improves and brain fog seems to lift. It takes the edge off my anxiety and gives me the energy to talk and be myself. Really loving it.

  22. Oliver

    I’m an experienced imbiber with a fairly high tolerance and dry convection vaping this bud made me feel seriously nervous, anxious and paranoid, so much so that I couldn’t really even detect any positive effects. Will not be using this again.

  23. James

    Not sure why I had resisted trying this strain … not a big sativa fan but if sativa can b the dank well this strain is … slightly trippy yet focused buzz. Beautiful for morning w coffee. Had it as bud before but this time was oil cart at 90% THC and I feel like I “ understand “ this strain now. A sativa for indica fans for sure.

  24. Elijah

    Think back to a 100° day during the summer as a kid. It’s a lake day, or a swimming pool day. The scent of SPF pervades the air. You’ve been swimming and playing in the hot sun all day. It’s peak heat, 2:30 pm, time to take a break under the shade to eat and reapply sunscreen. You sit down on a towel with your can of Coke and Styrofoam plate of chips, a deli meat sandwich, and a cold Clementine straight from the cooler. After a few bites of chip-toopped-sandwich, you rip open your Clemente, getting sprayed in the face with the cold juices, pick all the peel off a picture perfect slice, and enter a state of euphoria when your teeth first pop through the plump skin of the Clementine with a current of sweet, cold, tart, juicy nectar exploding in your mouth. This is what I experience in the few seconds after opening an air tight canister of Clementine flower and breathing it in deeply. If you held this strain up to my nose and I had my eyes closed, I would absolutely believe you were holding up a bowl of fresh juicy Clementine slices. I think I enjoy smelling this strain even more than I enjoy smoking it. However, combustion of the flower in a glass pipe revealed it’s delicious skunky basenotes, hidden by the wonderfully overwhelming citrus. Carve out a human sized Clementine, sit inside, and load a bowl of your skunkiest flower. I LOVE this strain. Aside from the perfect smell and taste, I enjoy the euphoric, giddy high I get from this strain. I’m a crier. I cry at anything remotely happy or sad, even a Disney movie I’ve seen hundreds of times. This bud magnifies that quality! I feel emotions so intensely on this strain, an absolute jubilation for being alive. I HIGHLY recommend this strain to EVERYONE. I do not much care for oranges. And I hate artifical orange flavor. This isn’t a strain I would have normally picked. I had a coupon to try an eighth of it for $30. Due to my mask and COVID, I declined to smell it when I bought it. This is my biggest regret. I’d have bought an ounce of this strain if I had smelled it in the shop. Literally the only time I could ever see recommending against it is in the very specific situation that one desires a very standard, basic, unadulterated, purist experience with weed. Real life firsthand examples include “kids” of any age who just smoke to get high. They will not appreciate this strain. Also, “grandparents” of any age who show a nervousness or apprehension to trying weed. I thought the opposite, that the familiar citrus would be disarming, but for some reason they found it really unnatural that flower should smell like oranges “instead of like dope.” 🍊🧡🍊🧡🍊

  25. Williams

    This strain packs a sweet citrus taste that fills your mouth. Immediately I was left with a light and euphoric feeling of content. As someone who suffers with anxiety I would say this strain didn’t trigger it, or at least not noticeably to me. Great for focus or a day of errands to give you a nice relaxed awake feeling to get your shit done. One critique would be that this definitely isn’t a weed with high psychedelic effects, it’s definitely more of a get up and do strain with a small smile plated on your lips all day.

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