Skywalker OG Vape Pen – Delta 10 THC Australia

Skywalker OG Vape Pen – Delta 10 THC Australia With our Buzz Delta 10 THC Disposable Vape in Skywalker OG, you’ll get a bold blast of Delta 10 THC if you have trouble concentrating, need energy, or need creative inspiration. You can focus and work more efficiently with this sativa-like compound because it keeps your eyes open and your mind alert.

It is believed that there are hundreds of cannabinoid compounds in hemp, but most of them are found in small amounts. Delta 10 THC is for those nights when you want a buzz that matches your energy level.

10X Delta-10 Disposable Vaping Pens in Skywalker contains 700mg of Delta-10 blended with Delta-8. As with all of our products, it’s lab-tested and approved for your safety — guaranteed to be a pure, unadulterated product with no synthetics. Our Disposable Vaping Pens contain no Vitamin E Acetate whatsoever, and all of our lab results are available online for inspection. So get your creative juices flowing with 10X Delta-10 while supplies last!

It’s great to know that Buzz Delta 10 THC Disposable Vapes come in Skywalker OG, everyone’s favorite strain. Since they contain 900mg of THC, you’ll be able to boost your energy and focus. You can view all lab results online, and our disposable vaping pens are lab-tested for safety and contain no Vitamin E Acetate.


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