Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridges AU


Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridges AU. Want to try Alibi’s new Delta-8 THC premium disposable vaping pens but can’t choose? Now you don’t have to with the Alibi Delta-8 THC Vape Pens Au. Dabble in buzzy Delta-8 flavors and hybrid and sativa strains including Green Crack, Skywalker OG, and Blue Dream. Grape Ape Vape Cart – Delta 8 THC – Fresh – 900MG

What is Delta-8 THC? This all-new, world-class cannabinoid comes with a psychotropic high that’s completely legal. You’ve never had a high this extreme before. Delta-8 is a derivative of its more famous cousin, Delta-9 THC, though it’s only found in trace amounts in the cannabis plant. Now, we’ve isolated and extracted it, creating our most extreme products ever. You’ll experience a powerful, extreme but enjoyable psychotropic high, not unlike THC. It falls into a regulatory grey area, so until the government decides to ban it, it’s totally legal (for now). So, grab some before it’s too late! Mango Kush Cartridge – D8, D9 Blend – Fuel – 950mg

What’s included in the Alibi Delta-8 THC Vape Pens Online?

Alibi Delta-8 THC Disposable Vape Pen – Green Crack – 920mg.
Alibi Delta-8 THC Disposable Vape Pen – Skywalker – 920mg.
Alibi Delta-8 THC Disposable Vape Pen – Blue Dream – 920mg. Alibi Vape Pens Delta-8 THC and Delta-10 THC Variety 4 Pack Bundle

24 reviews for Alibi Delta-8 THC Vape Pens 3 Pack Bundle

  1. Jasper

    this is specifically for the Clementine at Nature’s AZ medicines. Look good, butt was bleeding a little bit into the wax paper. The wax paper looks wet. I put it in my vape and took a hit, and oh my God it was horrible. so I set it aside for a couple of weeks, and recently Revisited it in a vape pen. taste horrible. I paid half as much per gram for this stuff, and it taste twice as good as this. I don’t understand what the deal is with this live resin. I will revisit it again, but I will only buy it if I can smell it, and it smells awesome. This doesn’t

  2. Sawyer

    higher CBD helps with krons. suave high and soft smoke feel

  3. Legend

    Vaped is incredible, most memorable taste to date

  4. Lorenzo

    A cacophony of citrus—primarily the taste is abundant like picking a clementine from the tree. Bitty lemon-grapefruit notes on the exhale. It smells better than it tastes, and it tastes like dragon ball. Clem seems to ignite my creativity instantly, and can be used to keep you running through the afternoon. Clementine is probably in my top 5 strains

  5. Evan

    The best way I can explain this high is…”what was in that weed?” Great head high and euphoric experiences alike. 10/10 would recommend in a safe environment

  6. Jonah

    Orange-y, citrus-y, one of my favorite Sativa strains. Makes me feel happy and carefree.

  7. Chase

    Frosty, light nugs. Smells fresh and mildly sweet like citrus. Huuuge, smooth hits. No coughing. From Utopia Farms in CA. Tested at 23% Sneaky, subtle onset. Happy and chill, buzzy but no energy rush like most Sativas. Cerebral high. Serious relaxation with heavy, tingly body feels. Euphoria goes sort of in and out in slow rolling waves. Pretty high for at least 30 minutes and still going after an hour, but on a much tamer sort of high; could be a fully functional member of society if I needed to be. Not good for wake and bake because of the deep relaxation and body high. Mentally clear and focused, though – clear enough to read a book! Wouldn’t smoke this during the day again if I wanted to get anything done; it made me happy & lazy. Great high, though. Definitely give this a try if you get a chance.

  8. Bryson

    What a lovely strain. It smells so much like clementines is almost unbelievable. Great for workouts and doing stressful activities. I definitely recommend this to anyone who are busy but likes to medicate.

  9. Adriel

    Smoke a little or smoke a lot. This strain is great for wake n bake or smoke enough and it puts you to sleep. Killed my cramps too almost instantly which is extremely helpful for lady users I know 😉 great anytime. New fave.

  10. Nathaniel

    This is my go to wake and bake strain, the orange 🍊 taste and smell is the best terps I have ever had hands down As I am a clementine lover, the effects hit hard in the head and slowly ease your body into a calm state but not overly indica, if I am ever having a bad day this is my go to strain!

  11. Arthur

    Fine and very heady for me, but triggered my boyfriends severe anxiety, just a heads up guys.

  12. George

    I smoked this in a pre-roll. Tastes lovely and is smooth on the inhale. I don’t normally get any sort of anxiety or paranoia smoking, but this gave me a minor moment. It was nothing some deep breathing and mindfulness practice couldn’t release though! Enjoyable, relaxing and the right amount of upbeat.

  13. Cole

    This is the most “racey” sativa that I have encountered. Green Crack receives a lot of hype, but for me, Clementine packs a much more energetic and cerebral charge. Be careful if you are prone to anxiety; a small morning joint leaves my body and brain brimming with sometimes unbridled energy. The smell is true to name, and will coat your grinder with a citrus-sweet resin.

  14. Zion

    Talk about a good high. A great strain to smoke with people you care about. Washes all your worries away and replaces them with nothin’ but smiles.

  15. Jason

    Clementine tastes sweet with hints of citrus. I acquired extracts for this strain and it does wonders for daily dabbing. Lemon Skunk and Tangie are two well-known sativa strains with energetic qualities, but when mated it allows Clementine to have a euphoric heavy high. My body tingles as if it were all falling asleep all at once and anytime I move I’d get those uncontrollable giggles from the high. The smooth taste soothes my lungs rather than sting like other concentrates, I exhale a sweet citrus scent into the room followed by an instantaneous wave of relief. I could go on and on…This strain is a MUST in my book and will be a personal favorite!

  16. Ashton

    Quick, super relaxed mentally but physically hyper

  17. Carlos

    Quick hitting head high perfect for wake, bake, and get stuff done. Nice minty inhale with a smooth exhale.

  18. Calvin

    It hit me so hard! I couldn’t stop laughing 🤣 very good for daytime, uplifts and is really good for the mood

  19. Brayden

    Oh, my sweet clementine. You give me the perfect amount of energy to get me through my day. Definitely feel happier when I smoke this strain. The only negative is dry eyes but this happens to me with most strains. A weed thing.

  20. Ellie

    This strain is pretty tasty very energetic great for stress just gets your mind off things. I have bad anxiety I won’t lie usually I don’t have any bad effects from any strain not very often but I did feel bit dizzy and anxious. Great strain to get stuff done for me not a good strain to sit watch a movie but hey everybody is different!

  21. Rhett

    Great taste, subtle smell. Really enjoyed the energetic high.

  22. Emilinao

    Sweet and light citrus flavor. Fun and energizing effects. Helped with pain, anxiety, IBS. Good anytime of day.

  23. Ace

    Best sativa strain. It’s the purest one you could ever smoke! Had me happy af and really really thoughtful

  24. Jayce

    Good tasting strain with a nice mellow high. Smokes super smooth and has a strong citrus taste. Smoked two swishers and I’m feeling it in my body and my head.

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