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Buy Delta 8 Carts Online in Nelson Bay. How fresh is your delta 8 vape cart? Does each puff taste sweet, clean, and full of hemp extract and natural terpenes? A bold taste of smooth vape juice can stimulate your senses and calm your body — just what you need from a delta 8 thc vape cart. And you deserve something new! You deserve something Fresh! Well, you get just that and more with Fresh Delta 8 THC Disposable vape carts now in Grape Ape. It’s 900mg of hemp extract and natural terpenes fresh from the field with a pure buzz you soon won’t forget. Weed Shop In Australia Grape Ape Cartridge – Delta 8 THC – 10X – 900mg

What makes Fresh brand delta 8 vape carts different? First, we grow all of our hemp by hand outdoors. Each plant enjoys peak conditions under the sun in the clean — and Fresh! — American air. Next, we use only the purest, most natural delta 8 thc, filled with sweet-smelling terpenes that give every strain a unique feeling. When you taste it, you’re feeling the buzz for the very first time. Blue Dream Vape Cart – Delta 8 THC – Fresh – 900MG

And this time, Fresh Delta 8 THC Disposable vape carts will have you feeling the buzz in the fun and flexible flavor known as Grape Ape. The strain combines Mendocino Purps, Afghani, and Skunk. Buy Delta 8 Carts Online in Nelson Bay. The Grape Ape, developed by a group of marijuana enthusiasts, keeps people coming back for more thanks to its calming effects. Whether you’re at home or on the go, you’ll be totally relaxed! Northern Lights Cartridge – D8, D9 Blend – Fuel – 950mg

Try Fresh Delta 8 THC Disposable vape carts in Grape Ape today and see what 900mg of sweet, clean, and pure hemp-derived delta 8 can do for you. We use only the freshest processes to cultivate our hemp and extract our cannabinoids, and all of our compounds are third-party tested for your safety. When you vape Fresh, you’re guaranteed the best, safest, and Freshest D8 on the market today! Grape Ape Vape Cart – Delta 8 THC – Fresh – 900MG

25 reviews for Grape Ape Vape Cart – Delta 8 THC – Fresh – 900MG

  1. Joseph

    This is a wonderful sativa. Wipes out any anxiety and depression, just in a happy state of being, a boost of energy without being scatterbrained. Top 5 favorite

  2. David

    One of the best functional highs out there. HIGH-ly recommend 🤓

  3. Jacob

    It has a good taste but sadly it takes to much of it to get you high and it’s gas.

  4. Logan

    my libido has been low lately because of sexual trauma. this cured me in 10 minutes. god bless this strain

  5. Luke

    Clementine is a natural energetic remedy for depression ([worded] Flawless), stress (with aided focus), fatigue (effective range 10% to 100%) , body pain (feel it 10% to 100%), insecurity (mental by 20%), PTSD (mentally highly effective), back pain (10% to 100% effective), stimulates positive, carefree, humble (effective range 5% to 99%), and at times humorous energy. I feel chill yet with a lot of energy and I can be a true ambivert! The nuggets are chunky, sweet diesel scent, brownish red hairs, medium fine crystals surrounding each nugget, and the nuggets are squeezable what taken care of properly.

  6. Julian

    Wow the effects of this are awesome. No Pain, very uplifting. In treating MS this is a must! Along w/ Mai Tai. Took a while to find the right strains but I have two to turn to, when I need 🙂

  7. Gabriel

    I told my bf I wanted a “giggly” type of strain when he went to the local dispensary. He brought me a .5g cart of Clementine, can’t remember what brand. I usually don’t care for Sativas but I gave it a shot. The high was amazing! Definitely a more head high, I was super focused but very uplifting. I have a lot of anxiety and the Clementine is one of the few strains that has actually noticably helped. I felt happy and energetic and focused. If you have issues with anxiety and/or depression I definitely recommend trying Clementine

  8. Grayson

    Wow. This one is a heavy hitter. Everything was so crisp and clear. Focused. Energetic. Uplifted. You’ll definitely want to pace yourself. Frankly, I did too much and had so much energy, I didn’t know what to do with it all, but once I started doing stuff with my hands around the house, I was in heaven. I could see myself doing work with this but it’s also a great one for playing video games and watching your favorite cartoons or stand up comedian. Whatever gets you laughing. I suffer from PTSD and am prone to anxiety so you’d think I should stay away from sativas but the nose knows. This strain (to my senses) is sooo tasty and citrusy like sweet oranges and pineapples, which are some of my favorite fruits. I had a blast, lit a fire for this winter weather, and bundled up to some Bob’s Burgers. This strain did not trigger any of my symptoms. I can’t wait for my next dose.

  9. Wyatt

    When I first smoked this, I had a touch of the paranoia. So I set it aside and only picked it up again after 6 months or so. I guess I had to get used to being high. So, in my opinion, not a good beginner strain. But oh, so good. I use it in the day time nowadays to get me happy and excited about the day ahead. Cerebral and joyful is how I feel. Oh, also if you turn into a couch potato or stay in your head a lot with the other strains, try this one. I can usually smoke this and be in a group and chat with everyone – the kind of chatty that only wine would make me in the past with the inevitable hangover headache the next day. Well, no headache with Clementine and all the fun. One of my favorite strains.

  10. Matthew

    if you chew some extra refreshers berry mix and then take a hit of this it tastes like how craft stores smell. very woody

  11. Maverick

    Clementine is a fantastic strain that provides a quick and potent high, characterized by a feeling of excitement and brightness. Upon consumption, the effects are felt almost instantly, with a rush of energy that is felt right away in the front of the head. As you close your eyes, you may see a yellowish hue, adding to the uplifting and energizing experience of this strain. Upon opening your eyes, everything will seem a little brighter, enhancing your overall sensory experience. Clementine is an ideal choice for those seeking an immediate boost of motivation and creativity, making it a great option for social events or creative pursuits. Its exciting and invigorating effects are perfect for those who want to remain active and engaged throughout the day, without feeling weighed down or sedated. Overall, Clementine is an exceptional strain that provides a quick and powerful high, accompanied by a rush of energy and excitement.

  12. Dylan

    Really great and I typically do not smoke sativa. I just took an average dab. I feel happy. I don’t really feel bothered by my worldly problems. I feel a little anxiety. This is working as anti-nausea. I have a painful disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis. It has been trying to fuse my spine together for years. This Strain has VERY GOOD numbing abilities. I cant feel much of me lol. Very HEAVY FOCUS ability also. 🙂 #HAPPYSMOKING

  13. Isaac

    My first time trying this I fell completely in love definitely a mood booster. I’m naturally a introvert…some may call me “dry” at times. But this honey had me do open and lively. I enjoy this in the morning, it helps me get through the day on a positive note.

  14. Elias

    The is a quality, clear-headed energy boost strain. I’ve looked past it for years in my quest for the perfect Sativa, so I’m glad I finally tried it. This is not a stoner’s strain, as it does not produce much of a head or body high. But if that is not your thing, and get-up-and-get-shit-done is, this is definitely worth a try. The initial Sativa tweaky head rush is very short, and only when I over did it did I experience some significant raciness, but never too much of a threat of falling into the paranoia rabbit hole. I pretty much reach peak energy level right away, and stay on that level for a few hours. No noticeable euphoria, but instead I experience a kind of calm focus, and a nice subtle uplift that lasts the duration of the high, with an easy come-down. I experience very little stoney spaciness, confusion, and forgetfulness. I really can’t find any negatives, other than this is not a heavy medicinal strain. What it is is a very efficient pick-me-up strain and a nice mood enhancer. My new go-to Sativa for sure.

  15. Anthony

    This hit me by surprise & i kept forgetting to review it. Normally sativas don’t do much for me, but this was different. A preroll from GreenPharms had me floating , playing, cleaning, dancing… I had a blast doing chores normally saved for a very good day. Clementine is a unique, happy, perfect stain for anything (except church— giggles). Definitely gonna try this again

  16. Thomas

    My experience with Sativas has been mixed-I no longer get stuck in my head, paranoia, things like that but I know that real for a lot of people. Usually I just don’t find them especially “energizing.” But this clementine…Broseph Smith this stuff gets me up in the morning

  17. Jayden

    Good strain in concentrate. Made me a maid in my own home. I was so productive with this strain. I love it so much

  18. Carter

    I chose clementine because of the reviews and I wasn’t disappointed. This was my first strain from smoking over 5 years. And it was the perfect strain to help blend you back in. Makes me feel euphoric with giving me a nice buzz head feeling. Also has a nice distinctive smell when you blaze. The reason for the 4 starts was because I got it for the active and focus description. Although it makes me focus,I get “couch locked most of the time. I don’t think it would be well to use before work. Awesome strain and will get again for the days you want to just chill and smoke.

  19. Santiago

    Great morning time strain to wake up with. A cup of coffee and some Clementine and I’m good to go.

  20. Ezekiel

    First time I smoked this strain, did my makeup for 2 hours! Stayed up until 4 am and slept pretty freaking great. Smoking this with Royal Kush made me giggly and talkative. Nice to have energy for once, I’m always exhausted.

  21. Charles

    Deff useful when your with a lot of people and need to stay awake and focused

  22. Josiah

    Clementine can now be found in Pennsylvania despensaries. Patients who have already tried Clementine say its fantastic for treating conditions such as migraines, headaches, stress, fatigue, and nausea. Patients also enjoy its delicious flavor and aroma of sweet citrusy oranges and earthiness.

  23. Caleb

    LOVE this! Elated, energetic, happy to be alive. Zipping around the house like never before, extremely uplifting strain

  24. Cooper

    Chose this because they were out of my fave. Wow! Right off I noticed the sweet citrus taste and smell. It was like breathing in a favorite orange candy. Definite kicks off fast with focus and energy, immediate pain relief. Sticky resiny buds. Definitely will add this to my medicine cabinet.

  25. Yaya

    Thanks guys

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