Buy Delta 8 Disposable Vape Bathurst

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24 reviews for Acapulco Gold Vape Pen – Delta 8 – Disposable – Fresh – 1800mg

  1. Jonathan

    I smoked just a bit of this then proceeded to spend the next 4 hours setting up my studio, hanging up artwork, setting up lighting, etc. The smell and taste on this strain are both very very nice. The high hit me sort of how adderall or cocaine might hit, however unlike those two, I actually felt as though I was being productive, not just loose energy. Would recommend this strain to anyone looking for the motivation to get some physical work done!

  2. Easton

    I needed a strain that would keep me going through the day, focused and in a good mood, Clementine does all that. This strain works for me, my head is clear, I have energy and I’m not focusing on my aches and pains. I got creative the other day and made a great spaghetti and meatball dinner, that is what I want in a strain, the energy to cook and bake. Mood is also important and so I know now Clementine is a keeper for my day time use, definately. Plant is pretty and smells great.

  3. Everett

    One of my favorite sayings! The flavor is great, it is relaxing without nailing you down, uplifting, and helps my pain so I want to get up and do stuff. Definitely recommend

  4. Weston

    Uplifting and great for socializing and anxiety. Super lush citrus flavors. Great for edibles and tinctures too.

  5. Bennett

    If you like citrus and vacuuming your whole house to some Reba Mcentire this is the strand for you! Very energizing and helps with focus!

  6. Robert

    Vaping MuV concentrate I enjoy this strain however I can’t say that it stood out to me in any particular way. As a Sativa, it’s very uplifting and energizing. I have felt very motivated while using. No Sativa anxiety or palpitations for me with this one

  7. Jameson

    Active, hungry, giggly

  8. Landon

    It was very sativa dominate, bud tender and menu said Indica dominate. Wanted it for sleep wound up getting sprung with energy. It’s a great flower don’t get me wrong but it made my heart racy and mind run. Great for vacatiins I woukd say and days off. Thus is also by far the most appitite stimulating strain I’ve ever had, and like it’s name it smells just like some halos or cuties clemetines you’d buy from the store with some skunk funk

  9. Silas

    I know everyone raves about the smell of this flower, and they are right. This is a strain to appreciate. Very consistent high. Its effects are uplifting and worthy of a morning toke. If you can find it locally, get some. Clementine is a great strain to have on hand.

  10. Jose

    Mild mind & body high. I was expecting more. Clementine seems to be good for the daytime/when it’s time to be productive

  11. Buea

    My new favorite !! I hope they grow alot of it. Great for focus & getting stuff done. Great for relief of arthritic pain. Great for a mental lift

  12. Micah

    great strain, great high! definitely not a bed time smoke though. relaxing? yes! sleepy? NOPE!

  13. Colton

    he strain tastes very citrusy, but can be more likened to cola. It tastes very much like cola gummy bears. It is very relaxing to use, gives of a very sweet smell as well. Great for thinking.

  14. Jordan

    One of my favorite strains! Wonderful smell and taste, so light and fresh. It’s a wonderfully uplifting experience and it fades nicely. If I just want a little too calm my nerves early in the day, I don’t have to keep going, it fades to sober without negative effects.

  15. Jeremiah

    I think this is my favorite sativa. Great for day time. Doesn’t make you feel lazy and tired. Puts you in a good mood and helps you think straight.

  16. Parker

    Strong citrus taste as expected. The initial high was quite strong and resulted in a lot of initial paranoia. Settled down after half hour or so but not a good work candidate. The anxiety and paranoia are strong with this strain

  17. Greyson

    Gets me going focused and no anxiety .The song stuck in my head Oh My Darling Clementine but still got chores done and enjoyed my day. No major munch out attack either.

  18. Rowan

    duuuuude my go-to right now. perfect to smoke right when i get home from work— but don’t feel like giving up on the day

  19. Adam

    I’m so high I forgot to type something and I smoke all day every day. Insanely amazing flavor, don’t mind the scooby snackeronies of that keefsterdoodle sand I love tucking into my bowls. That said, this gives me incredible focus, all the right sensations, yet doesn’t diminish my productivity. Excellently “corrects” any bad high like too much of the Jack Herrer. High feels a bit like Stardawg meets Petro Chem.

  20. Nicholas

    Clementine : Hybrid : Sativa Dominant Strain. Genetics : Tangie x Lemon Skunk Visual : Light Green Tint Orange Yellow Hairs , Round Christmas Tree Type Structure. Smell: Citrus Overtone Lemon Undertone , Slightly Earthy . Real uplifting energetic , Alert Awake Aware Mood . Great For Depression . Talkative .Thought Provoking Feel a Focused , Calm body buzz. One To Workout To , Walk In The Park Or Play Sports With Unfortunately , The One I Tried Is no where near to being grown to its full potential . very disappointing . Hope I Can Get my hands on the real deal sometime , im sure it will be GREAT.

  21. Theo

    One of the tastiest strains I’ve ever had, its name is very appropriate. It gives a wonderfully relaxed and happy high without any anxiety.

  22. Xavier

    A very pleasant surprise. I picked this up on a whim just to have an extra sativa on hand. It’s quite mellow for a sativa. I feel very relaxed after the long day I’ve had, but could still focus on something if needed. Not a heavy in the head feeling at all. The taste is very nice. Citrus, piney, and green for sure. Excited to see how this will do for a wake and bake.

  23. Hunter

    1. Very sweet taste 2. Happy Days high 3. Great for a concert 4. Very euphoric buzz 5. Must try

  24. Dominic

    This is probably my favorite strain! Nice balanced uplifting high, not too lazy and not too energetic, makes you want accomplish something.

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