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Buy Arizer Solo II Vaporizer  We absolutely loved the original Solo and now Arizer has dropped the Solo 2, which has seen an array of improvements in pretty much every respect.  

One of the things we loved about the Solo when it first came out was the amazing flavor. This has been kept on point, thanks to an almost identical chamber set up to the original version. BUY WEED CANBERRA

The chamber itself is stainless steel and the heating element is ceramic, but your herbs themselves are loaded into the base of the glass stems which plug into the top of the vaporizer itself. Buy arizer solo II vaporizer

This means that your herbs are only ever in contact with the glass and that keeps the flavor pure and clean. It also means that you can carry spare stems with you that are already pre-loaded with herbs so you are good to go for several sessions without even having to reload. Firefly 2+ Dry Herb Vaporizer Black

Another advantage of this system is that it keeps the vaporizer itself incredibly clean, even when it does get into a dirty oven you can just empty out any debris and then give it a wipe with some cotton buds soaked in isopropyl alcohol and it will be squeaky clean again. Arizer Air II Vaporizer


Technical characteristics of the portable vaporizer Arizer Solo 2:

-Adjustable temperature with an accuracy of one degree from 50° to 220°C via an OLED screen. Precise temperature control adjustable of 1 degree and 10 degree.

-Really precise temperature

-Brightness of the screen adjustable.

-Increase of temperature in 20 seconds maximum

-Can be use during the recharge.

-Battery indicator.

-Chamber / bowl in stainless steel.

-Vapor Flow 100% made of glass for very well rendered flavors, worthy of the best portable vaporizers.

-The workmanship of the vaporizer is robust with durable materials.

-irremovable Li-ion battery, autonomy of, approximatively, 3 hours.

-Which represent about fifteen sessions.

-Recharging time, 2 to 3 hours.

-Size reduced compared to the vaporizer Arizer Solo 1, can be put inside a pocket.

-Air Flow

-Function Auto-Shut Off adjustable up to 15 minutes.

-All the electronic part of this portable vaporizer Arizer Solo 2 is separated from the heating space. Tropical Punch Cartridge – Delta 8 – Satla – 900mg


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