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Buy Cartridge Online Mackay 5-MeO DMT .5ml Purecybin, often referred to as ‘The God Molecule’, is a highly potent psychedelic substance that should be used with utmost respect. Each cartridge contains .5ml of Purecybin, equivalent to 150mg of 5-MeO DMT, and is compatible with 510 thread cartridges.

Please ensure you are in the safety and comfort of your own home before indulging. The experience is often characterized by a strong sense of dissociation from reality, and can lead to intense audio and visual hallucinations.

The God Molecule, also known as 5-MeO DMT, is available in a .5ml Purecybin solution, containing 150mg of the compound. The solution is compatible with 510 thread cartridges for easy use.

Please note that 5-MeO DMT is a potent psychedelic substance that can cause a complete loss of reality and intense audio and visual hallucinations. It is essential to only take this substance in the safety and comfort of your own home.

Dosage Guidelines:

This product provides an estimated 4mg of DMT per 3 second pull from the cartridge. Here are some guidelines:

  • Light Experience: 1-5 pulls (approximately 4 – 24 mg of DMT)
  • Medium Experience: 6-10 pulls (approximately 24 – 50 mg of DMT)
  • Strong Experience: 10+ pulls (50+ mg of DMT)

It’s important to remember that these dosages are estimates and the actual effects can vary based on individual tolerance and sensitivity to the substance. Always proceed with caution when exploring new psychedelic experiences. Cartridge Online Mackay 5-MeO DMT, Buy Weed  Australia

9 reviews for 5-MeO DMT .5ml Purecybin

  1. Gene

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  2. Cayenne

    Has meo only a limited amount of programs to show ? Programs are constantly repeated sometimes every few days , it beggers belief , does Bruce Willis own shares in meo as the die hard franchise is on at least twice a week

  3. Oliver

    I suffer friends severe scoliosis and a bad ” corrective surgery. I’m constantly in pain. Been on Oxy from the hospital ( I’m not a junky I do see a Dr. Monthly at a very legitimate hospital ) sucks I even had to explain that but it’s my world. When I found this strain in a Co2 extract, it changed my life. 16 months later I take 70% left and on track to get to 0 pain mends this year. An organic compound saved this new dads life. To all of those battling pain and pain killers, high doses of THC and CBD worked for me. I’m 6’8″ and weight a strong 270 pounds, my tolerance is very high. I take 500mg to 700mg of THC orally and 200mg to 300mg of Real Scientific Hemp Oil ( way too expensive but it’s the best ). Cannabis is very subjective, I can’t promise what worked for me is even safe for you. Consult a Cannabis physician please✌🏼️💚🌱

  4. Oliver

    💜..a HappyMellowCalmFunKinda evening stone..soo Relaxing!..bye-bye Anxiety, hello Smiles!!..Quiets my Chronic Pain, bringing Peaceful Restoration to Mind & Body alike..Sweet thoughts Dance in my mind after a few hits..Slept like a baby😴, woke feeling younger?!? …I highLy suggest this Kind strain to all my Canna-Friends!!..Be well, Jah!

  5. Yaya

    Wow! This 5-meo Dmt rocks! I’ve smoked it in an enclosed area as well as outdoors in nature. Both times I had a blast! I was researching about something, and decided to have a puff. I immediately felt intrigued and motivated about the topic I was researching; I felt focused, uplifted, creative, and passionate about what I was doing. I also smoked this on the beach and outdoors in the forest. It was an awesome time, the air was so fresh, I was happy, euphoric, and I was left in a tranquil state all day. This 5-meo Dmt is both very peaceful, euphoric and uplifting…yet at the same time it is also enjoyable for those who may suffer from anxiety, but wish to benefit from a hybrid that doesn’t put you to sleep like a heavy Indica does. I strongly believe that this would be an amazing strain for a University Student, someone who needs to use their brain during the day, or someone who just needs to relax and be creative without feeling sedated and fatigued. Damn, I love you Northern Lights #5!

  6. Jack

    mm dank smelling, sweet pine, flowery, and a bit oaky! Packed 1/2 a bowl and I couldn’t even finish, first hit got me high… very light and smooth smoke. Hits heavy, be safe when using this strain. Tastes like sweet pine, flowers, and mineral/dirt. Helped my tendon pain 5/5, dislocated ribs 4/5, neuropathy 5/5, scar tissue pain 2/5, inflammation 5/5, and I felt super chill 5/5, however it hasn’t helped with mental anxiety or depression. This inspired me to try it with a flavored paper, I chose “Black Magic” flavor from Juicy Jay papers – 5/5 baby! Tasted like grilled fruits, it’s so amazing… highly recommend if you like rolling joints – this combo was super amazing! Feels like a hybrid hit – some in the body, some in the head.

  7. Leo

    I tried this for the first time a couple months ago and since then I’ve made it a point to buy this strain atleast twice a month. It is the best hybrid I’ve come across so far. I smoke it before work and it puts me in a uplifted mood. At night the strain puts me in a relaxed mood, ready for bed whenever I choose to. And last, this flower is very beautiful. It’s very dense, red fibers wrapped around it, and the crystals make it glisten very nicely. I suggest this highly for an all around good strain

  8. Noah

    Easily my favorite strand of all time. My top three are Northern Lights, Purple Frost, and Blue Dream. Gotta love everything about this bud.

  9. Oliver

    High was very average. Nothing special at all whatsoever. I got this weed and from my local dispensary and it was “okay”. In fact it was claimed to help PTSD and Anxiety, and yet had a short, minor, and very unenjoyable Panic Attack after taking first couple hits, once this was no longer an option I had to take a xanax 1mg football to calm down. After smoking succeeding the past insident, I was able to enjoyably get high off it, but still nothing special about this high whatsoever.

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