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Paris OG is a pronounced lemon tang jumps off of cured buds of Paris OG. This citrus character is supported by a generally fruity, tropical aroma that lurks in the background. Meanwhile, grinding up or breaking open the flowers yields earthy and dank notes, courtesy of the OG Kush in this strain’s lineage. Despite its mostly agreeable scent, Paris OG can give off a harsh, acrid smoke when burnt, which may trigger coughing for some. On the exhale, this strain tastes of lemon accented by a bit of pine.

Paris OG offers what can be described as a creeper of a high. Several minutes after savoring its taste, smokers may detect a pressure around the temples — this same feeling of cranial compression is exactly the side effect that gives parent strain Headband its name. As this bud takes over, users may feel their limbs become heavy with relaxation at the same time that their eyelids begin to droop.

Paris OG’s sleepy, almost narcotic effects have the potential to help medical cannabis patients as well. Its relaxed, easygoing nature may temporarily numb the acute symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression. It can also soothe all kind of aches and pains, whether they’re temporary or chronic. Paris OG’s anti-inflammatory properties may take care of everyday annoyances like headaches or nausea. Finally, as noted, this strain is a great choice for counteracting insomnia.

Buy Paris OG Queensland
Buy weed online Queensland
Buy cannabis online Queensland
Medical weed Queensland
Medical weed delivery Queensland

No large-scale commercial breeders have made seeds of Paris OG available for commercial sale. As such, those looking to grow the strain must obtain clippings from a mature, healthy plant in order to grow genetically identical “clones.” Although limited information is available on the best practices for cultivating this strain, we know that it can be grown indoors or outdoors in semi-humid, Mediterranean-like climates.

Buy Paris OG Queensland
Buy weed online Queensland
Buy cannabis online Queensland
Buy Paris OG Queensland
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23 reviews for Buy Paris OG

  1. Owen

    Oh wow, this one’s ridiculously good. A medium to slow come on that gradually grows in pleasure – like an orgasm in extreme slow motion. You may think that’s hyperbolic, but the whole body literally radiates with pleasure. This degree of physical feel good-ness, euphoria, and sensory accentuation -all coupled with an impressive ”goneness” catapult this high into the hallucinogenic echelons of LSD. Initial rush of come on does temper out into a calmer, more chilled stone. But goddamn, music is all-encompassing. Visuals are rich and powerful, narrow focus seems to narrow depth of field, making the dimensionality of things very striking. Despite strong, intoxicating effects the mental space stays calm, collected. Noticeably slowed/disabled, but happy and surprisingly competent at conveying thoughts. Provides perfect, cozy zone out times…ideal for time passage. Think I’m going to have to give this one a perfect score. Thanks ☺️

  2. John

    I loved it. Smoked it with the wife and had amazing sex.✅✅

  3. Brown

    I picked up this strain upon recommendation of a budtender for something for insomnia. I’m usually not an indica girl, but they are usually more helpful when i am really desperate for sleep. Two bong hits and the tingly head effects were immediate. The taste was very earthy. About 10 minutes later, a headband/halo-like feel set in, which I am not really a fan of, especially if i am already suffering from a migraine or nausea. Fortunately, the halo lifted a bit, and an amazing creative energy started flowing. My mind was going all over the place, but in a very organized and relaxed manner. I was getting things done. I would think of something I wanted to know about and opened a new tab on chrome and Google it so I would remember that I needed to look it up. I was very focused on doing things I had been putting off, including writing my first leafly strain review. Now I’m just nice and relaxed on the couch, finishing up this review, then off to bed, feeling accomplished. It seems like a great strain for those days when you come home from work exhausted, but have some little things you need to get done before chilling for the rest of the night. If it wasn’t for the uncomfortable halo and dry eyes, Paris OG would be a staple in my cabinet

  4. Yanick

    insane indica, love it. wish I got the flower of it when it was in but glad I got the concentrate. the quality of the wax was fantastic so this Paris really was tasty and made me feel the buzz all over but slowly. the effects start in the head then move down for sure. 5 star night time strain, this will put you on the ground if the couch is absent.

  5. Peter

    This devil won the cannabis cup for a reason. Holy hell im stoned.

  6. Jerry

    Something I want to add before my review is that this strain looks and feels very beautiful, dark green and fluffy. I love it. It brings me a very good body high and is great for anybody with too much on their mind. Paris would be a great strain for anyone who just needs to be at peace. Definitely recommend.

  7. Gili

    TOP 3 strain A++. Very strong and sedating. Maybe the headband but two bowls and I can’t keep my eyes open. IF YOU NEED SLEEP GET THIS STRAIN.enjoy 🙂 btw $340 8th EXHALE MED CENTER

  8. Cade

    to me this OG is different from the other OG’s, Paris well make you sleepy but really happy and not that hungry. it’s a different type of indica it’s hard hitting but it keeps you smiling 🙂 10 / 10 similar to Skywalker OG and SFV OG. (my opinion)

  9. Ben

    Used this strain for chronic back pain and worked wonders. Use at night though because couch lock is inevitable.

  10. Brown

    Good structure, good color, texture, and gland coverage. Under 100x Glands are unusually dense in coverage and have overly enlarged trich heads shaped closer to the shape of a mushroom than a sphere. That tells me the grower pushed cannabinoid content higher than average genetic potential and dialed in this strain to maximum potential. The shape of the buds is Kush dominant strawberry or tear shaped. The density of the bud is slightly denser than an average kush leaning Indica. It’s got a good leaf to bud ratio. It has a slight Christmas Tree- lemon oil based furniture polish faint smell that increases in intensity and ads a dimension of grape skunk kief mixed with field dirt and a side of dank musk upon breaking up the dried flowers. The cannabinoid residue left on the fingers takes on a lemon based hand soap when in contact with the skins natural oils and gives the innate instinctual feelings of beeing good for you and having an antibacterial parasite property as well as wound healing and general regeneration properties. like when smelling oranges and instincts tell you it’s wholesome long before your parents do! Smoked from a Bong using a ceramic heating Element as heat source, the taste is concentrated and deep. a Kush tang dominates and tart lip smacking becomes tempting but antibiotic affects are not yet felt strong enough to draw down the frontal cortexes defenses so my inner child is suppressed and I simply subtly taste my bottom lip once after exhaling. The smoke is slightly expansive and heavy, full bodied non diet, the lemonyness instantly makes me crave a corona which means the fien synapses have been lightly touched and the associated feelings of partying creep in. This is grade A shit right here, the stuff of physics professors dreams and disco girls beats. Edgy and refined, relieved and relaxed. Delivers payload faster than a Sativa. Serotonin and some dopamine receptors shake hands with this strain within seconds of inhaling. Endorphin receptors slowly are introduced about 8-10 minutes after exhaling. 1-3 lungfulls provide more than adequate pseudo intoxication, why pseudo? Cannabis isn’t toxic. On the 4Th lungfull you become combative with moderation…well let’s Just say things like 8 page online reviews take place! I want to stop but I just need 1 more…Dorito. Duration of Buzz. hmm over an hour! 💎 OG F🔥’re Smoketacular Flower

  11. Bach

    IF YOU SEE IT GET IT BUT don’t plan on going anywhere a 15 minute trip to sonic for some shakes turned into a 2 hour voyage because we got lost…in a city we’ve lived in our entire life. DONT DRIVE UNLESS AN EXPIRENCED SMOKER our driver had a high tolerance and we still almost died 3 times and atone point he was driving on the wrong side of the road while laughing and saying in a British voice ” I forgot were in the colonies ” its 5 hours and I’m barley coming down . Also makes me super horny and giggly. at 7.5 grams and a top shelf preroll and two shake pre rolls for $60 ive never been

  12. Colin

    This Strain pleasantly reminds me why I need to smoke more Indica Strains. After smoking approx half a bowl of this flower out of a small glass pipe, the “High” quickly took hold my body with a little pressure just in the back of my eyes. Then about 15 minutes later a pleasant blissful Cerebral High begins to take hold. Even though mild to moderate psychedelics came on pretty strong, I was still able to mentally function and get some work done… Like this review I’m writing now. This has been a Solid 2 hour high, about as good as it gets 🙂 Not a particularly tasty strain, but the Mind and Body high more that make up for it. Definitely add this to your Strain Stash. Thanks

  13. Andre

    This strain is amazing. Perfect nighttime high. First the lips go numb. Then the face. Then a spaceship arrives and takes you to a different dimension. Now sometimes there are pulsating skull and crossbones in this dimension. Sometimes it’s a giant floating neon Macho Man head. And once in a while, like a light being turned on, Paris OG will help you find some of the answers you’re looking for. Then you go to sleep knowing that Macho Man has helped you figure out what to do about that job offer you got and that skank you’re dating. Perfect.

  14. Cayden

    Paris OG is my new favourite Indica. It totally relaxes you, but doesn’t knock you out. It’s also incredibly smooth to smoke, let alone vape. Paris OG delivers when it comes to pain, yet also has nice cerebral effects. I’ve visited some really cool dimensions with this stuff! Overall it’s a pretty amazing strain and totally worth trying for yourself.

  15. Aidan

    My new favorite Indica. All the benefits of a classic purple strain – relaxation, pain relief, and a beautiful high that will make you feel like your mind and soul are growing roots into the sweet, life-giving earth. I’ve also noticed that it does *not* give me the munchies like other indicas do; i’m finally beginning to shed those extra pounds I gained eating all those midnight snacks after a hit of bedtime grand daddy purple! Thanks 😊

  16. Ice

    It’s aite. Gives me a headache

  17. Muhammad

    first of all that was the best flight. i had in a long time…left detroit and got to paris…in bout 2 mins…..this strain gets you there….damn..i was faded ..wit a bowl of apple jacks

  18. Beacomfort

    DANK for real for real 👌 I feel completely medicated! Thanks

  19. Sophia

    I got some of this stuff rated at 28.1% thc and oh my god it was amazing. Really amazing high and for some reason I had closed eye visuals like I was like a game in my head. Although I did feel paranoid while alone… very paranoid. But when I did it with someone I felt fine. other than that GREAT body high I mean I got so stoned off of like 15 grams of this and I’m not a lightweight

  20. Cressy

    Paris OG is a heavy hitting indica-dominant strain. The bud has hints of purple and dark green. The bud is covered in trichomes and has a sweet fruity smell. The effects bring about a long lasting and intense feeling of rest and relaxation. I would recommend this strain to a patient who is looking for a sleep aid that will also work to relax your mind.Thanks

  21. Derek

    one of the strongest buds i’ve ever had. i had some garlic cookies the bud tender said was tested over 30% and this paris og seemed near as strong. almost too strong and i’m a veteran smoker. half joint and your set. almost had a bit of paranoia with it it’s that strong. but this is from our best dispensary grower in the area so your results may vary. nice cure on it, not dry, burned nice, smooth and thick smoke. definately stones you with a bit of uplifting effect. after a few tokes you will forget what you were thinking about and notice your staring at the wall. one of my new favorites. Thanks guys 💨💨

  22. Ali

    Jesus…where’s the fucking seatbelt. This shit has me laminated to the floor. And not insane munchies. Just the right amount. This is thee, and I’ve tried all the usual suspects, thee only indica that straight puts me to bed. One of the terps in this has to be just zzzquil and a sprinkle of fairy dust. I’ve been trying to watch saving private Ryan for FOUR days. I start it and pass out in the middle of absolute gunfire and explosions. I will try again tonight. I gotta go to bed.

  23. Elian

    Shoutout to Olli for hooking this one up. Man this is absolute 🔥. Talk about a well balanced indica. This stuff got me feeling super nice and relaxed but not overwhelming. Excellent strain. Highly recommend.

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