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This is some really good herb, has a great taste can’t really find the word for it but has a sweet minty earthy funky taste that I like it’s delicious.  Florida Cake Jungle Boys Online Buy Jungle boyz online Florida Cake Australia. ding Cake Cartridge – Delta 8 THC – Miami High – 900MG

It is a heavy hitter not to heavy but not a lightweight by any means. It looks really good. Overall I was happy with this pickup and will definitely pick some up again.

I still favor the Kush Mints and Wedding Cake as a single strain and not across, but LA Kush Cake is still some good herb. Blue Dream Cartridge – D8, D9 Blend – Fuel – 950mg


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11 reviews for Florida Cake #2 (Recreational)

  1. Justin

    Sweet like cake with a diesel component. It reminds me of the smell of the bus to school as a kid in the best way. Hits HARD behind the eyes and in the forehead. Sativa like mental energy to start followed soon by relaxation. Would buy again but I was hoping it would be more wedding cake like.

  2. Jude

    I bought the dog Walkers Pre rolled ones. As soon as you take a hit . It feels very lightly hitting your throat. It has a very light taste of a lemon aroma . That said. It hits your head hard without the harsh taste . I only took 3 hits . And it tasted so light . But it packs a wallop. After the head buzz wears off. You feel your body melting into a happy joyous bliss.

  3. Kevin

    Gold label from cannabis and glass wa. Terp profile: 1.69% Limoline, .66% linalool, .62% cary, .33% nero %17 total cannabinoids. This brand is absolutly fire. This strain makes me feel smoothed out and numb. Its a smooth smoke from a pipe and bong. Grab an 1/8 of this or peanut butter breath for a very good hybrid.

  4. Dawson

    Got like a sweet haze taste mmm good

  5. Matter

    I just bought a great Quarter (7g) of this stuff at 26% and it packs a punch! This Indica leaning Hybrid is great to smoke during the day cause it doesn’t give you a headache and keeps you calm and clear headed! Hits deceptively smooth! And taste fantastic as well! I will definetly be getting more of this strain! RISE keep up the great products! RYTHM is the Best!!

  6. Miguel

    So with all the different “cake” varieties out there…not to mention cookies, runtz, zkittles and gelato based strains: Florida Cake is my #1 Cake variety. It’s just so breezy and genuinely calm, focused and appropriately energized top tier fun. (Lemon Cake is my Second Fave Cake strain…Not Lemon Cake OG. Plain old kickass Lemon Cake. It’s top tier fun!) as is Florida Cake! I felt internally like a real life “Florida Man/Woman”-and externally I felt like I was legit on Miami Beach not GAF, enjoying life, thankfully and existing at a totally centered, person of personal perfection! Like the confidence INTERNALLY, again lol, of a legit “Florida Man/Woman” but externally I still emit a “Wisconsin Gal” Vibe. This seems to be a rare gem-I purchased 2x1g bags just to sample it out. Grab it if you see it. It’s a bright strain!👍👍

  7. Matteo

    Okay…. The headache it left was so very unpleasant. Yes the high was lovely nothing negative there. Taste was pleasant enough. Just the after math of the strong headache was bad.

  8. Zayden

    This strain could stop a war. I honestly think it’s the quintessence of the peace pipe. It is fantastic for mood and body!!! It feels like a lateral move to Pineapple Express, but better for peace keeping. Also, it really opens your mind.👌

  9. Camden

    This strain could stop a war. I honestly think it’s the quintessence of the peace pipe. It is fantastic for mood and body!!! It feels like a lateral move to Pineapple Express, but better for peace keeping. Also, it really opens your mind.💨💨

  10. Messiah

    pretty good for afternoon cart

  11. Alan

    .70 Limonene at least from where i got it from. Was not to heady. You really feel it behind your eyes.

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